BREAKING EXCLUSIVE: Pennsylvania’s Secretary of State, Dominion, and Democrat Senators Beg PA Supreme Court to Stop Investigation of Fulton County Voting Machines

The corrupt Pennsylvania Secretary of State, Dominion Voting Machines, and now the Democrats in the Pennsylvania Senate all desperately want to end the investigation of the voting machines in Fulton County.  Today they dropped nearly 750 pages of garbage arguments and made their plea in front of the Pennsylvania Supreme Court.

Remember this… As an international auditor who performed hundreds of audits around the world, I have never seen or heard about an auditee refusing to be audited.  I have certainly never experienced an auditee take me to court to prevent an audit from taking place… The fact that the state of Pennsylvania and Dominion Voting Machines are trying to prevent an investigation of these machines in Fulton County raises more red flags than are raised in a CCP parade.

On Friday the liberal Pennsylvania Supreme Court stepped in and halted the 2020 Election investigation of Fulton County’s voting machines.  This was after the lower courts allowed the investigation to proceed.

Then on Monday Fulton County responded to the PA Supreme Court with their rationale for moving ahead with their investigation.

Fulton County, Pennsylvania Responds to Secretary of State’s Request to Halt 2020 Election Investigation of Dominion Voting Machines in County

Today the corrupt Pennsylvania Secretary of State (SoS) and Dominion Voting Machines (Dominion) filed a reply to the County’s filing on Monday.  Dominion attempted to intervene in the lower court’s ruling but was denied but they are back again, this time joining the SoS in her nearly 700-page filing.

PA Sos and Dominion Reply Brief by Jim Hoft on Scribd

Not to be left out, Democrats in Pennsylvania’s Senate filed an application to prevent moving forward with the investigation in Fulton County, PA.

Below is the filing from the Democrats in the Pennsylvania Senate.

PA Senate Application for Leave to File Amicus Brief-1 by Jim Hoft on Scribd


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