Once Again… Serial Liar Joe Biden Claims He Played College Football – In Reality He Was Forced to Quit His Freshman Year Because of Poor Grades (VIDEO)

Joe Biden is a legend in his own mind.

Biden on Friday traveled to Pittsburgh to talk infrastructure.

But first, Joe Biden’s motorcade took a quick detour to visit the site of a bridge that collapsed earlier that morning.

How convenient.

Joe Biden mumbled for 10 minutes about bridges and infrastructure.

At one point when speaking to PA Lt. Governor Fetterman, Joe Biden claimed he could have been an all American college football player.


Here’s a shorter clip.

Joe Biden has repeated many different versions of this lie over the years as The Gateway Pundit first reported back in 2012.

Joe Biden never played a full season. He was forced to quit the football team his freshman year because of poor grades.

Breitbart reported:

In his memoir, Promises to Keep: On Life and Politics, which was released on August 25, 2008, Biden, on page 26 of the book, writes: “When my first semester grades came out, my mom and dad told me I wouldn’t be playing football.”

Biden wrote that in the first semester of his junior year, which was in 1963, he decided to take “another run at the football team” even though he “hadn’t played for two years.”

On page 27, Biden claims he “surprised his coaches by moving up the depth chart fast” and, after the annual spring game that April, it looked like I had a shot to start at defensive back.”

He wrote he “couldn’t wait for next September” and “could almost see the fall season unfold in my head” until he headed to Florida for spring break “after our last practice.”

During spring break, Biden met Neilia Hunter, who would later become his first wife, and “fell ass over tin cup in love — at first sight.”

On pages 32-33, Biden writes he was so in love with Hunter he had to decide “about football.”

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