Nutty MSNBC Host Claims Saying ‘Let’s Go, Brandon’ is ‘Slow-Moving Insurrection’

MSNBC host Nicolle Wallace claimed on Monday evening that saying the phrase “Let’s Go, Brandon” is part of a “slow-moving insurrection.”

Wallace began the segment by playing the clip of former Oregon police officer and father of four Jared Schmeck saying the viral phrase during a call with Joe Biden doing the annual NORAD Santa Tracker.

After he was doxed, Schmeck appeared on Steve Bannon’s War Room, which really upset the MSNBC talking head.

“I don’t want where to start. Let me tell you why this matters. The asymmetry has always been what advantages the Trump right more than anything else. And the asymmetry of saying ‘F you’ to a sitting President on a call in front of your four kids – don’t look past this,” Wallace said during her unhinged rant. “Don’t look at this as a story about giving air time to a MAGA guy who goes on Steve Bannon’s podcast and said I wasn’t joking. Not only did I say ‘F you’, Mr. President. I said more than that.”

Wallace continued, “this is the slow-motion insurrection, Jason, in, in full color.”

Jason Johnson, host of MSNBC’s The Week, then chimed in with more insanity, claiming “these people are basically just insurrectionists in training now.”

“MAGA isn’t about taxes. You know, Let’s go Brandon isn’t about what you feel about supply chain issues and gas. It is the cry of insurrectionists. It is the cry of people who want to violently take over this country and oppress anyone who is not like them,” Johnson baselessly claimed.

The phrase became a rallying cry against the president and the corrupt media after an NBC reporter at a NASCAR Xfinity Series race incorrectly said that a crowd chanting “f-ck Joe Biden” was saying, “let’s go, Brandon,” in support of the race winner.


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