Fauci ‘Real Life Political Action Figure’ Doll Promoted on Amazon With Mock Photo of Fauci Torturing President Trump

Democrat Texas state Rep. James Talarico proudly boasted about receiving a Dr. Fauci ‘real life political action figure’ doll (with removable mask!) for Christmas Saturday, provoking the expected reactions from Fauci detractors and supporters.

But former Trump 2020 communications director Tim Murtaugh posted a disturbing image from the Amazon page of the Fauci doll seller, FCTRY: A mock image of Fauci torturing President Trump who is seen strapped on a rack with an electrode cap on his head as if they were in a torture chamber, with Fauci pouring a purple (poison?) potion into a cup in front of Trump.

Murtaugh included a link to the seller’s page that as of this writing has the Fauci-Trump torture chamber photo.

Murtaugh’s smartphone framing is a bit off, the caption for the Fauci-Trump torture chamber image is below not above and reads:

AMERICA’S FAVORITE IMMUNOLOGIST He stood up to Trump and is sticking around after to help us make it through this pandemic. Brooklyn born and bred, Dr. Fauci’s been looking out for Americans’ health for over 30 years and 6 Presidents. And that’s why we made him into an action figure. Mask included, of course.

…Picture Perfect. You’re going to want to take photos of him, so we designed the Dr. Fauci Action Figure with that in mind. He has a picture-perfect expression, stands on any flat surface, and can be posed for any occasion.

The Fauci doll has been put to use by supporters:

Just speculating, but it looks like one poor child apparently had to make a hostage-style COVID video for her mother so she would be allowed to open her Christmas presents:

The Fauci and Kamala Harris dolls are also available in stores:

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