FAA Dangerously Ignores Its Own Guidelines – Clears Vaccinated Pilots to Fly Despite “Do Not Issue—Do Not Fly” Policy

The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) has been exposed for flagrantly violating its own safety guidelines in order to push the experimental Covid-19 vaccine.

According to the FAA’s own policy, pilots should not fly after having taken medications that have been approved for less than a year, but the agency has systematically ignored those rulesclearing pilots to fly after waiting just two days from their date of vaccination, without knowing the full scope of the long-term effects of these vaccines.

From the FAA rules:

For any medication, the AME (Aviation Medical Examiner) should ascertain for what condition the medication is being used, how long, frequency, and any side effects of the medication. The safety impact of the underlying condition should also be considered. 

Do Not Issue. AMEs should not issue airmen medical certificates to applicants who are using these classes of medications or medications.

  • FDA (Food and Drug Administration) approved less than 12 months ago. The FAA generally requires at least one year of post-marketing experience with a new drug before consideration for aeromedical certification purposes.

This observation period allows time for uncommon, but aeromedically significant, adverse effects to manifest themselves.

On top of that, the Covid vaccines in question are NOT fully approved by the FDA. Instead, they are still being issued under the agency’s Emergency Use Authorization (EUA) because the vaccine (Comirnaty) that was granted full approval is not being administered in the US as of now.

In other words, these pilots who take the rushed EUA vaccine would traditionally lose their ability to fly, but the FAA is clearing them anyway – after just two days. 

From the FAA website:

The Federal Air Surgeon determined that FAA medical certificate holders may not act as pilot in command, or in any other capacity as a required flightcrew member, for 48 hours after each dose of the Pfizer-BioNTech, Moderna, and Johnson & Johnson vaccines.

The Federal Air Surgeon made this determination after evaluation of available medical information about these COVID-19 vaccines and potential side effects.”

Earlier this week, a group of independent attorneys, doctors, and other experts sounded the alarm over the agency’s violations when they submitted a letter to the FAA, the Department of Transportation, The Department of Justice, and the leaders of several large airlines, demanding that officials immediately flag all vaccinated pilots and have them re-examined for known, potential side-effects of the vaccine, such as blood clotting and other cardiac issues. 

From their letter, titled “The Federal Aviation Administration is putting both Pilots AND the General Public at Risk by Forcing Vaccine Mandates!”:

“Notice to FAA That Pilots Are Operating Commercial Aircraft in Contravention of Do-Not-Fly Regulations -Title 14 Code of Federal Regulations §61.53 (also known as Federal Aviation Regulation 61.53) and Associated Guidance – Which Disallow Medical Clearance of Pilots Who Have Injected Non- FDA Approved Medical Products, such as COVID-19 Vaccinations

Pilots Flying with Abnormal Troponin Values and/or New ECG Changes/Cardiac MRI Changes – Which Indicate Active Heart Damage and Possible Acute Myocarditis – Are at Elevated Risk for Arrhythmias, Cardiac Arrest, and Death While In-Flight;

Notice to the FAA, All Commercial Airline Companies, and All Carriers Insuring Commercial Airlines That a Failure to Immediately Investigate this Issue, Correctly Apply Federal Do-Not-Fly Regulations – and Ground All Vaccinated Pilots Who Cannot Show Clean D-Dimer, Troponin, ECG and Cardiac MRI TestsCould Lead to a Catastrophic Event Involving Mass Fatalities, Causing At-Fault Parties to Suffer Monetary Liability Potentially Extending to USD Hundreds of Millions.”

Human rights attorney and primary author of the letter, Leigh Dundas, explained the group’s concerns via email to The Epoch Times. She points out that the title of the section in the FAA’s own guidelines “literally says Do Not Issue—Do Not Fly” in regards to pilots being cleared for duty. The guidelines even clearly instruct medical examiners to “not issue” medical certifications to pilots who use medical products, including vaccines, that were recently approved, or not approved, by the FDA.

According to Dundas, who spoke with The Epoch Times via email, the FAA’s negligence could lead to a catastrophe if one of these pilots experiences a vaccine-related adverse reaction while in-flight.

“The Federal Aviation Agency is charged with ensuring the safety of the flying public. Instead, as we speak the FAA, as well as the commercial airline companies, are acting in contravention of their own federal aviation regulations and associated guidance which tells medical examiners to NOT issue medical certifications to pilots using non-FDA approved products.

“The title of the section I’m talking about literally says ‘Do Not Issue—Do Not Fly’ and then instructs medical examiners to ‘not issue’ medical certifications to pilots using products that the FDA ‘approved less than 12 months ago.’ 

The pilots are flying with products which are not even recently approved—in violation of the above wording—they are flying with injections in their bodies which were NEVER approved by the FDA at all (as no COVID vaccine which is commercially available in the U.S. has received FDA approval).” 

Another one of the letter’s signees is Cody Flint, whose career as a pilot recently came to an end after he experienced adverse reactions to the vaccine while he was mid-air, piloting a flight.

The 34-year-old agricultural pilot doesn’t even remember how he landed after nearly blacking out in mid-flight, but thankfully he ended up safely on the ground.

From Epoch Times:

He [Flint] was flying his aircraft when tunnel vision started to kick in and a headache he had developed after getting the jab worsened.

About two hours after having taken off, he decided to pull up the plane to go back and felt an ‘extreme burst of pressure” in his ears, then immediately ‘nearly blacked out,  [and felt] dizzy, disoriented, nauseous, and [was] shaking uncontrollably.’

As a commercial pilot, Flint was concerned when he first saw FAA’s 48-hour no-fly rule after a COVID-19 vaccination.

I find it hard to comprehend how the FAA justified moving the goalposts of safety from one full year of post-marketing safety review to only two days. The dangers associated with a pilot experiencing a severe adverse reaction from an mRNA-type Covid vaccine while at the controls of an airplane can be horrifying and deadly to say the least.

‘As a pilot that experienced a tragic and career-ending adverse reaction to the Pfizer COVID vaccine while actively flying an airplane, I feel I can honestly and creditably speak out about the dangers associated with pilots returning to flight duties too early following COVID mRNA type vaccination,” he added.”

In addition to Flint and Dundas, several other notable experts signed on to the letter, including Aerospace Occupational Medicine Specialist LTC Colonel Theresa Long, Robert F. Kennedy Jr., Dr. Peter McCullough, Dr. Ryan Cole, and Mary Holland from Children’s Health Defense.

Hopefully, their warning is heeded before a tragedy happens that could have been prevented. At the very least the FAA should be regularly screening the health of these pilots for an extended period of time after they have received a dose of the vaccine. Anything less seems almost criminal, especially considering the seriousness of the known adverse events tied to these mRNA vaccines.


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