EXCLUSIVE: DOJ Arrested Members of the Oathkeepers for Conspiring to Commit Crimes on Jan 6 Yet Had Evidence This Wasn’t True

Our corrupt DOJ is a runaway politically-motivated train indicting innocent Americans on crimes they know these Americans never committed. 

The Gateway Pundit has uncovered damning information with the DOJ’s  Jan 6 indictments.

On February 19, the DOJ arrested six individuals who were members of the Oathkeepers related to the Capitol protest on Jan 6.

Here is a portion of what the government claimed [emphasis added].

Graydon Young, 54, of Englewood, Florida, was arrested on Monday in Tampa, Florida; Kelly Meggs, 52, and Connie Meggs, 59, both of Dunnellon, Florida, were arrested on Wednesday in Ocala, Florida; Laura Steele, 52, of Thomasville, North Carolina, was arrested on Wednesday in Greensboro, North Carolina; and Sandra Ruth Parker, 62, and Bennie Alvin Parker, 70, both of Morrow, Ohio, were arrested yesterday.

These six individuals were added as co-defendants to a superseding indictment filed today in United States v. Thomas Caldwell, Donovan Crowl, and Jessica Watkins, 21-cr-28-APM.  The superseding indictment alleges that Kelly and Connie Meggs, Young, Steele, and Sandra Parker donned paramilitary gear and joined with Watkins and Crowl in a military-style “stack” formation that marched up the center steps on the east side of the U.S. Capitol, breached the door at the top, and then stormed the building.  The indictment charges all nine defendants with one count of conspiring to commit an offense against the United States, in violation of Title 18, United States Code Section 371, that is, to corruptly obstruct, influence, or impede an official proceeding, in violation of Title 18, United States Code Section  1512(c)(2); one count of depredation against federal government property, in violation of Title 18, United States Code, Section 1361; and unlawful entry, disorderly conduct, or violent conduct in restricted buildings or grounds, in violation of Title 18, United States Code, Section 1752(a).  The indictment also charges Bennie Parker and Caldwell with obstructing the investigation in violation of Title 18, United States Code, Section 1512(c)(1).

Note that the government is charging these individuals with “conspiring to commit an offense against the US”.  The problem with this and many of the government’s charges is that the government claims these people conspired with an intent to commit a crime or crimes.

But the problem for the government is that to date we are unaware of any information the government has released to confirm these individuals or any others intended to do any harm to the Capitol or to obstruct any proceeding of Congress.  The evidence just isn’t there.  It didn’t happen.

In May, the DOJ interviewed an individual we’ll refer to as ‘person 10’.  This individual was a ‘higher up’ with the oath keepers and he responded negatively to the following questions:

  • To your knowledge, was there was ever any discussion, by you or anyone you know, to take violent action on January 6, 2021, or after, if the Presidential election did not produce the desired result?
  • Was there ever any pre-planning, or planning on January 6th, by the OKs to incite riots at the U.S. Capitol?
  • Was there ever any pre-planning, or planning on January 6th, by the OKs to forcibly enter to U.S. Capitol?
  • Was there ever a pre-planning, or planning on January 6th, by the OKs to disrupt the transition of the Presidency?
  • Regarding these questions, did you take any of these actions on January 6th?
  • To your knowledge, did any members of the Oathkeepers take any of these actions on January 6th?

The fact is that the DOJ has these answers which destroy the government’s case.  We are unaware of any evidence the government has that shows that there was an intent to do harm to the Capitol on Jan 6 by the Oathkeepers or to disrupt any government meetings. 

There were people that damaged the Capitol on Jan 6 but there is little information that they were Trump supporters.  Also, planning to go to DC is not a crime.  That does not show the intent of the government’s exaggerated charges.  Despite lacking evidence the government has continued its attack on the Oathkeepers related to Jan 6.

In June the government was still arresting Oathkeepers knowing that they had no evidence of a conspiracy or any intent by any Oathkeepers to destroy the capitol or interrupt Congress.

Why are these people not set free since the government has no evidence to suggest that the Oathkeepers intended any harm on the Capitol on that day?

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