Steve Bannon Wins Far-Left Media Matters’ “Misinformer of the Year” Award (i.e. He’s the Most Trusted Voice in Media)

Congratulations to Steve Bannon for becoming the most trusted media source in America today.

On Tuesday, far-left Media Matters announced the winner for ‘misinformer of the year’.  This year’s award goes to Steve Bannon.  What this proves is that Steve Bannon is constantly over the target.  And as our readers know, Steve Bannon has been the absolute best at sharing the truth and unparalleled at confronting the Marxist onslaught in America today.

If Americans want the truth all they have to do is watch Steve Bannon’s War Room and read The Gateway Pundit.

Media Matters, the brainchild of dark and creepy John Podesta of the Podesta brothers, spends all its resources attacking and misinforming their tiny audience about American conservatives.  The website is famous for its hit pieces on conservative voices.

Media Matters says the following about Steve Bannon:

In 2018, while watching Trump’s State of the Union speech, Bannon told author Michael Lewis that “the real opposition is the media. And the way to deal with them is to flood the zone with shit.”

Since then, this has rightly been understood as the core of Bannon’s strategy and the threat of the larger Trumpist movement he represents. As Vox’s Sean Illing put it, “The press ideally should sift fact from fiction and give the public the information it needs to make enlightened political choices. If you short-circuit that process by saturating the ecosystem with misinformation and overwhelm the media’s ability to mediate, then you can disrupt the democratic process.”

Illing’s piece on Bannon’s flood-the-zone-with-shit approach was published shortly after Trump’s first impeachment trial. In the nearly two years since, the country has undergone a lot: a pandemic that’s officially killed nearly a million Americans, a grueling presidential race, a putsch on January 6, another impeachment trial, a moral panic over “critical race theory,” the ending of America’s longest war, and a return to the normal life-or-death politics that preceded Trump, to mention just a few things.

But what stands out is that Illing’s warning — that Bannon’s flood-the-zone-with-shit strategy was destroying democracy — is even more important today.

That’s because while some right-wing media are institutions in their own right (Fox Corp., Sinclair Broadcast Group, Salem Radio Network, etc.), Bannon’s approach is to essentially burn institutions to the ground, wherever they may be. As author Douglas Rushkoff put it in a recent essay about why he would not go on Bannon’s show, “Inflammation is the name of Bannon’s accelerationist game, after all: Get people on all sides angry, bring about the civil war or mega-conflict, let them burn it all down, and start fresh with something more local, human, and natural.”

When you continually find yourself in a room that is on fire, at some point you should figure out who is the arsonist. And now, with American democracy already smoldering, Steve Bannon’s podcast is where arsonists are being trained.

If Media Matters attacks you or targets you, it is clear that you are sharing the truth that they so desperately want to stay out of the public eye.  You also know you are over the target and effective.  Steve Bannon and his War Room are all of this.

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