CNN Comms Confirms Jake Tapper’s Producer Resigned Following Project Veritas Reporting of Texts Showing Solicitation of Underage Photos

Per CNN’s head of Strategic Communications, Rick Saleeby, the producer for Jake Tapper, has resigned following Project Veritas’ exposé.

A couple weeks ago Project Veritas released another shocking investigation on yet another CNN producer fantasizing about sex acts with his fiancé’s young daughter.

The investigative video reveals Rick Saleeby, a primetime producer for Jake Tapper, fantasizing about sex acts with an underage teenager in graphic detail.

“…Rick Saleeby does not work for CNN. He resigned from his position weeks ago,” Matt Dornic, Head of Strategic Comms said on Wednesday.

James O’Keefe confirmed the resignation.

Fairfax County police have reportedly seized electronics and hard drives of CNN producer Rick Saleeby after texts and FaceTime calls show he was soliciting photos from his fiancé’s underage daughter.

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