BRILLIANT: The 12 Months of Election Cover-Ups in Georgia – From Voter GA (VIDEO)

Voter GA put together their 12 months of coverups in Georgia.  Here they are – the 12 months of coverups in Georgia (see video below).

Given to us by the Big Bad Wolf of the billboard campaign:

12 Months of Cover-ups – For over 12 months, the Georgia SOS and Fulton County have consistently prevented Georgians from inspecting ballots from the November 2020 election or taking server image copies to forensic analysis

11,000 Suspect Ballots – Sworn affidavits from senior poll managers and audit monitors state that there are counterfeit ballots in the Fulton County election results that could scale into the tens of thousands

10 million Bucks wasted annually – Georgia counties must pay about $10 million annually extra for maintenance, testing. licensing and logistics of Georgia s new voting system in addition to the $107 million initially spent by the state

A 9-page junked up court brief –  The Georgia SOS and Attorney General filed an Amicus brief with information identified as shown to be false in an attempt to prevent disenfranchised voters from inspecting Fulton County ballots believed to be counterfeit

850 False Tallied Biden Votes – Falsified tally sheets with a total of 850-0 votes for Joe Biden were found in the Fulton County audit

70 Counties trashed their election files – 70 Georgia counties admitted that they did not have all their original ballot images from the November 2020 election or failed to comply with an Open Records Request to produce them

60% Audit Error Rates – The total votes by batch for the actual Fulton County ballot images do not match their reported audit results in 60% of the batches

5,000 Duplicate scans – There are roughly 6,600 duplicate ballots reported in the Fulton County audit results

4 fired whistle blowers – Two senior poll managers and two elections directors who all found serious evidence of election fraud, or irregularities were terminated or forced to resign

300 Unsafe drop boxes – Roughly 380 drop boxes were disproportionally installed around the state in select counties and filled with hundreds of thousands of ballots that did not have proper chain of custody forms

2 million lost ballot images – Roughly 1.78 million original ballot images from the November 2020 election are missing from Georgia counties

A voting system that poops on Georgia law – A U.S. District Court found on October 11, 2020 that Georgia’s new voting system violates two Georgia statutes but it was used in the November 2020 election anyway

VoterGA put together a video rehashing this information.

Merry Christmas from Georgia.

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