VIDEO: AZ State Rep. Joseph Chaplik Holds Presser With Parents Targeted in “HITLIST”- Says Democrats Are Weaponizing Education To Target Republicans

Yesterday, Scottsdale Unified School District’s governing board held a nomination for a new board president after President Jann-Michael Greenburg and his father were busted maintaining a creepy dossier with outspoken parent data.

The data included social security numbers, divorce documents, mortgage documents, background checks, cyberstalking, and even photos of children!

As one would expect, the parents feel violated by Jann-Michael and his father, Mark Greenburg.

The Gateway Pundit reported that Jann-Michael blamed “bad actors”, and fought against the election of a new board president stating, “we do not have all the facts”.

AZ State Rep. Shawnna Bolick Calls On Arizona Attorney General To Investigate Reported Stalking By School Board President And Father

Police were sure to be there in full force last night. They surrounded the school for the school board meeting.

Police Move Vehicle While Three Others Patrol The Crowd On Foot

Before the meeting, concerned parents rallied outside to speak on the facts with State Rep. Chaplik.

The key fact is, they were violated by their own school officials.

Chaplik: I represent this school district, District 23, Scottsdale Unified School District. But more importantly, I’m a resident here in Scottsdale as well as a parent of my eighth-grader in a public school. So first of all, I believe in the constitutional rule of law, innocent until proven guilty. But I’ve seen the Greenberg files and it doesn’t look good for Mr. Greenberg. This is a disgrace and abuse of power in our city, and our state if these allegations are true. The board president Jann-Michael Greenberg and his father have thrown this entire district into chaos and a downward spiral. Parents in this district have been publicly insulted, smeared, cyberstalked, doxxed, and placed on an enemy hitlist simply for opposing critical race theory and mask mandates, amongst other things. This dossier, enemy political hitlist on taxpaying citizens include photos, photos of children, sensitive personal data on parents, hiring private investigators, stalking parents, and their social media files. Anyone on the board or in any official capacity in this district, including superintendent Scott Menzel, that had knowledge of this enemy list needs to resign. They did nothing to protect the parents and their students so I call for all of their resignations if they knew.

Having Superintendent Scott Menzel conduct a forensic investigation to see if the school resources were used to gain personal information on parents and students is just wrong. Considering he may allegedly be involved in this. I call that a cover-up and it immediately needs to stop.

So I’m calling for an independent investigation to be done that is not overseen by superintendent Menzel, or the school board, or the Department of Education here in Arizona. Where are the other city leaders? Our City Council of Scottsdale, Mayor Ortega, Where is he? Silence. Where’s the Arizona Department of Education Kathy Hoffman? Silence. Where’s Katie Hobbs, our Secretary of State? Silence. Her sister is the head of the teachers union here in Scottsdale. Silence. I also question the motives of this board and their mask mandates and push and critical race theory. Was this a tool, the mask mandate a tool to create an enemy list amongst parents for us that oppose them? Perhaps these mandates had nothing to do with the safety of the parents, the staff, the students, anyone in the school district.

So I question their judgment as well as a board because they all elected Jan Michael Greenberg as a president unanimously. So I question that judgment of who they’re leading us. So I really don’t care what your political affiliation is. If you’re doing this type of devious activity, you need to go. We need to remove bad elected, corrupt officials in this state from office, from holding office. And the parents have had enough and now it’s time for a change.

Concerned parents who were targeted by the Greenburg Dossier spoke on their expectations of competency and improved education to compete on the global scale, not harassment of parents.

Candidate for State Superintendent of Public Instruction Shiry Sapir, mother Carine Werner, and Candidate for SUSD board Michelle Randall all spoke on the terrifying experience and doubled down on Chaplik’s calls for resignation

TGP Correspondent Jordan Conradson was given priority for questioning.

Conradson: We saw videos of Mark Greenberg even wishing death upon one of the parents. God bless his soul. He’s still alive. Obviously, resignation is not enough. What consequences do you guys want to see come out of this for the Greenberg’s and everybody involved?

Chaplik: Well, I mean, I think you have civil and criminal charges if these allegations are true, and then we’ll let that play out through the courts. But absolutely. And I think there will be some charges filed with parents making some lawsuits against them. And we’ll see where that goes. And I think we’ll find out soon.

Conradson:  And then another one. I saw on another video, a school official said you don’t even need to see if they’re wearing red, white, and blue. You just need to see if they’re wearing a mask or not. Do you think Democrats are weaponizing education to target Republicans?

Parents: Yes.

Chaplik: Yeah, I think the people here said yes. I mean, that’s pretty obvious. Yes. And I think what we have here is we’re getting too divided within our communities. As I said earlier, I don’t really care what your political affiliation is. Let’s have good people in office. Scottsdale is a strong quality city in the state of Arizona. We have better talent than what we currently have right now. We need more people stepping up and running for these offices, whether it’s school board, city council, county board, State Representative, Senator, Governor, Secretary of State, we need better talent to run for these offices. I think the parents have had enough and we’re going to start rising up. So thank you.

What’s worse is that the intimidation continued in the form of heavy police presence.

Multiple Police vehicles were parked across the parking lot and down the street.

They also surrounded the local area.

The police watched parents from a street down to make sure the “domestic terrorists” didn’t do anything

Conradson asked what the police were doing in the neighborhood and if there was a problem. The police responded saying they were there to keep the peace. Police then said that there were a lot of people at the last emergency meeting, and Conradson asked if they were violent. “no”, said the police.

They were just assigned to protect the tyrannical board members.



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