Shade War: White House Video Feed Crops Kamala Harris Out of Biden Covid Variant Speech, Features Fauci Instead

A new chapter in the White House shade war between the Biden and Kamala camps was played out in public Monday as the White House video feed cropped out Kamala Harris in favor of Anthony Fauci while both stood behind Joe Biden as he addressed the nation about the new COVID-19 variant. Biden staffers had placed white paper on the carpet where Harris and Fauci were to stand behind Biden on either side of the fireplace mantle that he would speak in front of in the Roosevelt Room. When the speech started the White House feed focused on Biden with only Fauci seen throughout most of Biden’s address. The only time Harris was seen again was when the camera pulled back after Biden invited Fauci to answer a question from the press while Biden stood between him and Harris. Harris was not asked by Biden to speak or take questions.

The snub of Harris comes the same day another report surfaced of Team Biden scheming to push the ever unpopular Harris out of the White House.

Screen images from the White House feed of Harris being snubbed:

When Biden resumed speaking the camera went back to focusing on just Biden and Fauci.

Director of Message Planning at the White House Meghan Hays shaded Harris with a photo of Biden’s speech that had the same framing as the White House feed: Biden and Fauci–but no Harris.

The shade was noticed by online Democrat partisans:

The pool feed was shot straight on. Biden, Harris and Fauci were all seen when they took their marks, then the camera zoomed in on Biden only except when he invited Fauci to answer a question. The pool camera pulled back to show Fauci and Biden–but not Harris.

An interesting sight when the event was over: Fauci walked out first followed by Harris then Biden. Once out of the Roosevelt Room, Fauci stopped and turned around to wait for Biden. The snubbed Harris cut to her right after she exited and disappeared, leaving Fauci alone to speak with Biden.

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