SEEKING ASSISTANCE: Afghan National Runs for His Life from Taliban Terrorists, Is in Hiding Due to the Fall of Afghanistan — Asks for Help to Rescue His Family

An Afghan national whose life is in danger due to the fall of Afghanistan to the Taliban terrorist group reached out to The Gateway Pundit this week. The Afghanistan government collapsed in just weeks earlier this year after Joe Biden and woke military brass decided to shut down and abandon Bagram Air Base. Within weeks the entire country collapsed and Joe Biden left thousands of Americans and Green Card Holders stranded in the country.

NEVER FORGET THIS — The regime would do the same to you. They care not for life or honor.

As per his request, The Gateway Pundit will not disclose any of his personal or family information due to the threat to his life and to his family.

We have several photos and details on the family left stranded in Afghanistan.

This is a very sensitive topic. If the Taliban terrorist group finds out who he is, his entire family may not be alive for another week.

Here’s an excerpt from the email:

Dear Sir or Madam
I am from Afghanistan and my life is in danger due to the fall of Afghanistan to the Taliban terrorist group. Please help me to get my voice heard to the refugees and immigration staff.

My name is ************.  I am from ******* province, ********** district and currently living in *******.  I have 11 dependent family members including my mother, brothers, sisters, my brother’s wife, and my wife. The Taliban killed my father along with 13 of his companions because of ethnic, racial, and religious prejudices in 2014 at Ghor province. This incident happened because they were Hazara. And we are often worried about being victimized by these prejudices since the Taliban have the power to do it easily now.

Still, we are not in full security in any corner of Afghanistan. On the other hand, my older brother was one of the media reporters in Kabul, also my younger brother was a deputy discovery and intelligence assistant in 2 Brigade, 111 Division camp in Pol-e-Charkhi, Kabul. Both of them have now run away because of Taliban threats.

In the last couple of days, the Taliban have been referring to our house to take my brothers away. Threatening that if my brothers are not present they will kill us. Now we have moved to a different location and hid in a corner in a bad condition.

I am writing to ask you to please help me and my family with immigration visas to your country. My family’s work history has been fully exposed to all locals and villagers wherever they have worked.

Thank you very much for your kindness. Please do not cut off your communication with us. The only hope we are happy for is you. In the following, we will exchange information.

His father along with 13 of his companions were killed in 2014 because of ethnic prejudice against the Hazara minority in Ghor province.


Aljazeera reported this incident:

Suspected Taliban fighters have halted two mini busses in the western province of Ghor, identified 14 Shia Hazara passengers, including three women and a child, bound their hands, then shot them dead by the side of the road, an official has said.

“The insurgents stopped two vans and after checking peoples’ identifications cards, they separated 14 passengers from 32 others and shot them dead,” said the governor.

The Taliban view the country’s minority Shia community as apostates, and have targeted Hazaras in the past with suicide bombings and other attacks.

Many of the Hazaras, believed to be descended from Mongol invaders, suffered enormously under Taliban rule and the minority saw many of its communities levelled.

Many were killed and buried in mass graves or thrown into wells, the Reuters news agency reported.

Second correspondence:

I am trying to save my life and I am afraid of any dangerous action. For example, if this group is further provoked, they will take my life as soon as possible… I may not be alive for another week

After lying about the number of Americans left in Afghanistan for weeks, we now know there are thousands of Americans and even military families left stranded in n Afghanistan as well.

Patriots, we are asking for your assistance to help rescue this family and other families including American nationals, military families who are still trapped in Afghanistan.

If you know any private organization, rescue groups, or state representatives, please let us know and email us at [email protected] and [email protected].

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