“I’m Not Looking to be Rudy Giuliani Standing in Front of a Mulch Pile” – New Jersey Republican Gubernatorial Candidate Obviously Hires Wrong Election Attorney

Oh no!  The New Jersey Republican gubernatorial candidate who had his election stolen from him by Democrats and the corrupt tyrant currently in office hired an attorney with no appreciation for Democrat election crimes.  

This is really sad to see.  The Republican candidate for governor in the state of New Jersey hired the wrong guy to represent him and give him what is his, the election of 2021.

We know this because of what we have already seen.  The governor of New Jersey pulled ahead election night due to fraudulent reporting at best.

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We also know voting machines were not working in the state.

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Also, individuals not registered in the state were allowed to vote.

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We reported that Ciattarelli was not conceding the election.

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Unfortunately, Ciattarelli has hired the wrong attorney, one who knows nothing about the Democrats’ efforts and history of stealing elections.  We know this because of the statements he already shared as reported by FOX News.

“No one on this team is alleging fraud or malfeasance, as we have not seen any credible evidence of that,” the campaign said in a statement Monday.

The campaign noted that while there is around a 66,405 vote gap separating Ciattarelli and Democratic Gov. Phil Murphy, there are still about 70,000 provisional ballots left to be counted. Additionally, an unknown number of vote-by-mail ballots will continue to be received through Monday.

“Waiting an additional day or two for all votes to be counted should not be controversial,” Ciattarelli legal counsel Mark Sheridan said Monday.

The campaign has discussed the possibility of asking for a recount, though officials would not commit to taking that route until they can assess the situation after all ballots have been counted.

“The odds of them all going in favor of Jack and changing the outcome of this election based on the current timeline is unlikely,” Sheridan said of the current vote tally in a call with reporters Monday. “But that doesn’t mean it doesn’t bring it close enough to warrant a recount, which is really what we’re sitting here looking to do at this point of time, is evaluate whether or not it makes sense to recount this vote. “

Ciattarelli’s attorney finished with this:

“We’re not hearing any credible accounts of fraud or malfeasance or anything like that,” Sheridan said. “I’m not looking to be Rudy Giuliani standing in front of a mulch pile. My goal is to make sure that we get an accurate count and then we make a reasonable decision based on the law and the facts to decide whether or not we’re going to recount this.”

By saying this about Giuliani, attorney Sheridan shows he has not read a single affidavit from the 2020 election.  He has not viewed a single presentation in front of state governments, and he has no idea what Giuliani did to protect our election and bring justice to a stolen 2020 Election.

It’s clear Ciattarelli’s attorney doesn’t have a clue about the 2020 election other than what he’s read at the far-left New York Times.  If he was serious he would have ensured no ballots were counted after he was hired without proper representation on hand for the counts.  He would have demanded all ballots since election night when his client was in the lead be accounted for.  He would have had all voting machines subpoenaed as well as the ballots and he would already have a team hired who could get to the bottom of this.  And most importantly, he would demand that every ballot has proper chain of custody documentation today to ensure the ballots’ validity.

Unfortunately, for the Republican candidate Ciattarelli, the Republican Party is not behind him, is not willing to fight for him, and neither is his attorney.

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