Local Florida Station Claims “Large Amount of Northwest Floridians Oppose Gaetz’s Comment Regarding Hiring Rittenhouse” …Yet 84% Agree with Gaetz! What Gives??

A local Florida news station took a poll last week after the US Congressman from their district, Matt Gaetz, offered to hire Kyle Rittenhouse.   

The station then reported on the results as if they were looking at a different poll.

Last week after the Kyle Rittenhouse verdicts were released Congressman Madison Cawthorn joined Matt Gaetz in stating that he would be willing to hire young Rittenhouse.

Madison Cawthorn Joins Matt Gaetz in Offering Kyle Rittenhouse An Internship, Says People Should ‘Be Armed and Dangerous’

Local Florida news station 3-WEAR-TV was appalled by this gesture and held a poll with its listeners as to whether they agreed with Gaetz.   The results of the poll showed 84% of their listeners agreed with Gaetz.

But for some reason 3-WEAR-TV titled their report of the results of their poll as follows:

Large amount of Northwest Floridians oppose Gaetz’s comment regarding hiring Rittenhouse

They then reported:

Congressman Matt Gaetz has once again made national headlines with his rhetoric.

Gaetz gave out comments this week about the Kyle Rittenhouse murder trial. He says Rittenhouse should be found not guilty and he would be more than happy to give him a job in his Washington Office.

The majority of people Channel 3 spoke to on Thursday said Congressman Matt Gaetz’s comments were inappropriate.

The question we have for 3-WEAR-TV is what poll were they looking at when they reported on the results of their poll?

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