Late Night Lefty Jimmy Kimmel Blames Unpopularity Of Kamala Harris On Racism And Sexism (VIDEO)

Kamala Harris’ job approval ratings are even lower than Joe Biden’s and that’s saying something.

Late night host Jimmy Kimmel, who basically functions as a spokesman for the Democratic party now, thinks he knows why Harris is so unpopular and his reasons are so predictable.

He blames sexism and racism because that’s all the left has now.

FOX News reports:

Jimmy Kimmel blames ‘sexism and racism’ for Kamala Harris’ historically low approval rating

ABC late-night host Jimmy Kimmel revealed Tuesday what he thought was at least part of the driving forces behind Vice President Kamala Harris’ historically poor approval rating: racism and sexism.

During his opening monologue, Kimmel joked about the reasons Harris’ approval rating would be so low, claiming it made no sense because “she basically has nothing to do,” but ultimately blamed “sexism and racism” amid his comedic attempts.

“Americans really aren’t happy with [Biden’s] Vice President, Kamala Harris,” Kimmel said. “Kamala Harris has an approval rating of 28%, which makes no sense because she basically has nothing to do. I mean, it’s like criticizing a backup quarterback. Tom Brady, he’s OK. I don’t love the way Blaine Gabbert has his legs folded on the bench, I have to be honest.”…

“I think I know why Kamala’s rating are low, besides sexism and racism, which are the obvious ones. It’s because whenever she’s next to Joe Biden, standing near or behind him, she looks like an assassin,” Kimmel said, appearing serious when mentioning sexism and racism.

See the video below:

How lame.

Jimmy is not in a position to lecture anyone.

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