JUST IN: Biden Regime Quietly Tells Federal Agencies to Suspend Enforcement of Vaccine Mandate For Federal Workers Until After Holidays While Publicly Pressuring “The World” To Take Experimental Jab

Even with the ‘recent discovery’ of a new Covid-19 strain that is supposedly “a variant of concern” according to the WHO, the White House’s Office of Management and Budget is telling federal agencies behind the scenes that they should refrain from suspending or firing federal workers who have not complied with Biden’s authoritarian vaccine mandate until the holidays are over.

According to a memo obtained by ABC News, the enforcement delay should last for the next 6 weeks, which would allow federal workers to keep their jobs until sometime in January. The new policy has not yet been publicly announced and comes at the same time the Biden regime is using the federal government to compel private employers to adopt and enforce vaccine mandates of their own – especially with the advent of the ‘newly discovered’ Covid variant Omicron. 

Biden was even trotted out to the podium earlier today to cry wolf and stoke the media’s flames about the “danger” Omicron poses, mumbling something about needing to vaccinate the entire world in order to save humanity from a virus that has an overall 99.5-99.9% recovery rate – a la the flu.

The fear-mongering is endless.

“We Need to Vaccinate the World” – Joe Biden Pushes Vaccines, Endless Booster Shots in Response to ‘Omicron’ Variant (VIDEO)

Apparently when Biden says “the world” he doesn’t mean workers in the federal government. 

Because just like earlier strains of the manufactured China virus, it only poses a risk at certain times, in certain places, or for certain political reasons. Omicron will apparently leave you alone for the next few weeks if you are a federal worker, but it is deadly right now for anyone else out there – so take your vaccines, ScIeNcE says it’s for your health!

Once again: rules for thee’ but not for me.

From ABC News:

“This change, which has not yet been publicly announced, comes as Joe Biden is putting pressure on private employers to embrace their own vaccine mandates.

Ninety-two percent of federal workers have already had at least one vaccine dose, according to the Office of Management and Budget. The federal workforce’s compliance rate stands at 96.5%, meaning employees have had at least one vaccine dose or have a pending or approved exception or extension request.”

Essentially, Biden is using the media-induced panic over the new variant to push vaccines and booster shots, but the woke regime is singing a different tune for their federal workers. 

What a disgrace.


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