INSANE: Arizona Democratic State Rep. Calls Gubernatorial Candidate Kari Lake a “Pervert” for Plan to Put Security Cameras in Classrooms Following Sexual Abuse Case

Arizona Gubernatorial Candidate Kari Lake has renewed calls to put cameras in classrooms in order to hold teachers accountable for their actions and their curriculum.

Kari Lake told The Gateway Pundit more about this proposed rule.

Lake: If our police are wearing body cameras and being held accountable for every single action then certainly our government-run schools which are totally controlled by the teachers unions should be held accountable when it comes to the curriculum they are pushing on our children. 

It would NOT allow for parents to watch classes live, but if there’s an issue of any sort and the parent files a complaint the school would save the videos for six months and the parent would be able to access what happened in the classroom—similar to how police body camera videos work. This means “creeps”would not have access to live classroom videos. Currently kids are being filmed on buses, in hallways and in cafeterias, but there’s no accountability for what’s being taught in the classrooms.  School districts are forcing woke curriculum  on our children. That’s a fact. This is simply curriculum accountability. 

The teachers union pushed to shut down our schools and teach our kids via online zoom classes. That’s when a lot of parents woke up to what was truly being taught to their children. Zoom classes—pushed by the union—put our teachers on camera for the first time. Why can’t the cameras remain on? 

The only time there would be live access to any of the videos would be, God forbid, during a live shooter situation. In that awful situation, police and only police would be able to see what’s happening live in the classroom. 

We as parents and taxpayers fund these schools, we pay for the salaries of the teachers and administrators—they are OUR schools and we have the right to know what’s being taught in them. 

If the teachers unions were so adamant about our police wearing body cameras and surely they can understand the need for curriculum accountability. 

The Gateway Pundit previously reported on sexual abuse of special needs students.

Nicholas Clause, a Scottsdale Unified School District instructional support paraeducator at Chaparral High School was recently arrested by Scottsdale Police, after admitting to allegations of sexual abuse with a special needs minor.

AZ State Rep. Shawnna Bolick Calls On Arizona Attorney General To Investigate Reported Stalking By School Board President And Father


Democratic State Representative Athena Salman slandered Lake as a “pervert” on Twitter last night for demanding curriculum accountability.

Salman: Kari Lake is a pervert. This is a pedophile’s dream come true. Shame on her and every Republican advocating to let people stare at our children all day. Outrageous!

Actually, a room full of children with no oversight sounds more like a pedophile’s dream come true.

Not only is Salman wrong, but she sounds absurd!

The new rule would not allow parents to watch what is happening in the classroom live. Footage will be archived on a server so that it may be accessed in the event of a parent complaint. This will operate similarly to the police body cameras.

Parents will finally be able to protect their children and hold woke teachers accountable.

And who is this with Athena Salman, earlier this year?

This is former Arizona State Senator Tony Navarrete, the disgraced pedophile who was arrested on August 5th and charged with three counts of sexual conduct with a minor, two counts of sexual conduct with a minor, and one count of attempted sexual conduct with a minor and one count of molestation of a child.

The Gateway Pundit reported that 35-year-old Tony Navarette, a “rising star” in the Arizona Democrat party, was arrested for felonies including “knowingly engaging in intercourse or oral sex with a minor.”

Democrat Arizona State Senator Charged with Multiple Counts of Sexual Conduct with a Child Under the Age of 14 Released on Bond

Unlike Salman, Kari Lake actually has children that she will fight to protect.

Parents are right to be calling for transparency in education.


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