Dhimmitude Exposed: German Public TV Hires Antisemitic Islamist Radical and Covers For Her

Nemi El Hassan at the Al Quds March 2014

Islamic radicals and Jihadi activists are infiltrating all the major institutions of Europe, aided and abetted by the treasonous Dhimmi Left, as the latest case in Germany shows, where the major public TV network wanted to hire a radical anti-Semitic Palestinian YouTuber and only caved after being exposed by patriotic activists on the internet.

In October, the German Parliament elected its first Islamist Vice-President, Socialist Aydan Özoguz, who has supported Hamas front group Islamic Relief, is a member of the BDS-supporting German Palestinian Council, and whose brothers run a Jihadi website called Muslim Market. In March, the European Union invited a representative of the European Network Against Racism (ENAR), which is tied to the Muslim Brotherhood, who support the violent “Black Lives Matter” movement and incite against Jewish organizations, to a conference against “Racism”.

In October, YouTuber and “Islamist Hunter” Irfan Peci reported that West German Television (WDR), part of the largest German public broadcaster ARD, had hired German-Palestinian YouTuber Nemi El-Hassan as a host of science show “Quarks”. Peci revealed that El-Hassan had attended the annual Iran-sponsored, anti-Israel “Al Quds” March in Berlin 2014, which calls for the destruction of Israel. El-Hassan also frequented the Iran-sponsored “Blue Mosque” in Hamburg, which is considered a Hezbollah front organization by the German secret service.

When El-Hassan offered a half-hearted apology, calling her attendance a mistake and saying she had turned her back on radical Islam, 385 left-wing artists and activists voiced their support for the Jew-hating extremist in an Open Letter.

It was then revealed El-Hassan had not abandoned her anti-Israel hatred, but voiced her support for 6 escaped Palestinian terrorists in Israel as recently as this summer. Instead of making excuses again, El-Hassan went on the offensive this time, publishing an op-ed in Berliner Zeitung titled, “I’m Palestinian – Deal With it!” and accusing her critics of “racism”. Finally, WDR was forced to drop her.

Public broadcaster Second German Television (ZDF) continues to employ the Jew-hater El-Hassan as a host for their YouTube Format “Funk”.


WATCH: Israeli YouTuber Avi Abelow speaks to Irfan Peci about his remarkable career from Al Qaeda operative to double agent to “Islamist Hunter”:






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