Democrat Activist Is SECOND Woman To Publicly Accuse Top MI Dem of Sexual Assault…#MeToo Party Ignores Her…Suspended From Job…Calls Her a “Racist”

A 100 Percent Fed Up EXCLUSIVE co-written with guest author Ulysses Tennyson – His name is Baxter Jones—but his friends call him “Baba”…because, according to our source, he mandates that they do so. Our confidential source inside the Democratic Party alleges, “He has a history of yelling at people who forget or refuse to use his self-bestowed ceremonial title when speaking to him.”

Disabilities Caucus Chair of the MI Democratic Party Baxter “Baba” Jones.

For reasons unknown, Jones is apparently above reproach by Michigan Democratic leadership, despite numerous allegations of sexual misconduct.

Senator Elizabeth Warren (D-MA) with “Baba”

Jones holds a rather prestigious position as Chair of the Disabilities Caucus of the Michigan Democrat Party.

Baxter “Baba” Jones with US Rep. Rashida Tlaib (D-MI)

Bridget Huff, a far-left Democrat activist and stay-at-home mom to three children, was also once enamored by Baxter “Baba” Jones—but that all changed when she claims he sexually assaulted her only moments after meeting him. 100 Percent Fed Up reached out to Mrs. Huff to ask her about her incredible story of sexual abuse at the hands of Baxter “Baba” Jones. Bridget was grateful that the media is actually taking an interest in her story.

It took over 3 hours for an emotional Huff to tell her story, but when she was finished, it was abundantly clear that the Michigan Democrat Party–which talks a big game about protecting women from sexual abusers and “restorative justice,” had failed her in every imaginable way. 

Bridget Huff is wearing a black dress and cardigan and is pictured with her husband and three children.

Huff came to us broken and disheartened by the betrayal of a party whose ideals she’s dedicated her life to promoting. She asked us to share the truth about an unwanted sexual act by an arrogant older man who happens to be a key figure in the MI Democratic  Party. For the record, Baxter Jones has had more than one sexual assault allegation against him. According to Huff, multiple women have revealed they’ve been sexually harassed or abused by Jones (“Baba”), but so far, only two have dared to go public with their stories.

One of the accusers, Lizmary Fernandez, posted a video on Facebook accusing Jones of sexually abusing her at a Black Lives Matter and pro-legal immigration rally.

In another video, around the 2:00 mark, you can hear the actual moment when Fernandez claims that a man “just grabbed my ass—in the wheelchair!” Then, she points, and the camera cuts to the person Bridget claims is Baxter Jones, who is rolling along in his wheelchair, as though nothing had happened.

The loudmouth MI Dem Rep. Cynthia Johnson responded to the video on the young lady’s Facebook page. In her comments, Johnson warned the young Fernandez multiple times that her accusations of sexual assault were “dangerous” or “extremely dangerous.” She made it clear that despite the sexual abuse allegations against him that she would continue to support him “until a police investigation has been completed.” Johnson, who claims to be a victim of rape, told Fernandez that she “could have socked him in the mouth,” telling her not to “cry victim” if she’s “not willing to take the first steps after socking him” by filing a police report.
“As a former Agent, I see so many holes in this accusation,” she told Fernandez, adding, “Under no circumstances will I make accusations or allow accusations to be made of anyone without proof!”

Curiously, Bridget Huff has a very similar story:

It was a summer evening in 2019, and an elected official had asked Bridget to attend a community town hall on an environmental issue. According to Huff, she was standing with a friend in a church venue where the far-left rally was held when she saw Baba Baxter Jones, a prominent figure among the radical left and Democrat Party of Michigan.  As Bridget recalls it, “I walked over to introduce myself to Baxter.” Her friend refused to go with her and left her but never explained to Bridget why she wouldn’t accompany her.

When Bridget began speaking to Mr. Jones, she was “generous and genuine and excited” to meet an idol of hers—a man she had been trained to revere by the people in her movement and within the MI Democratic Party.

“I came to his left side of his wheelchair, and I stuck my hand out to shake his hand; he reached out across his body to shake my hand” with his right hand.  “I was talking to him as I was shaking his hand.” Huff was in the middle of introducing herself when she claims “Baba” shamelessly committed a brazen act of sexual assault. Huff outlined her conversation leading up to the sexual assault, “As I am talking to him and saying ‘It’s so nice to meet you. Thank you for everything you do in the community.  I’m honored to meet you; I’ve been hoping to for a long time…’” suddenly Bridget felt “a painful, tight grip on my left butt cheek and I…I jumped…It stunned me, and I…I gasped.”

Mrs. Huff was stunned, “I looked him right in the eye…I didn’t put together that that was his hand, I was just in shock,” she told us, adding, “And then, as I am looking at him with this terrified look…I realized it was his arm—his arm was wrapped around behind me.  And he looks right at me, doesn’t break my gaze.” Bridget then describes a “Cheshire Cat smile” that begins to confidently draw across his face as he “slides his hand–drops it from squeezing my rear end. He slid his hand between the back of my legs up to my crotch and back out again. [He] just stroked all the way forward and back out and then dropped his hand and just sat there smiling at me, like nothing had happened.  And I was terrified! I wanted to scream–I wanted to hit him—I wanted to run—I wanted to cry!”

“I had met him only 10 seconds before….”

“I yanked my hand back and spun around. Everyone was leaving in the opposite direction—there was no one—I quickly realized there was nobody here. Nobody saw that!”  Bridget explained how she “spun around” and “made a B-Line” toward the exit where everyone was leaving. She asked a man where the bathroom was, hoping her friend who had walked off earlier would be in there.  

“My intention was to find her in the bathroom.  I had never been to this place before; I didn’t know my way around,” she explained, recalling how she tried to muster the strength to look beyond the shame and fear that had washed over her: “I was looking down at my feet…I couldn’t look him in the eye because I knew I would start sobbing if I did.”

When she finally rushed into the women’s room, her friend was nowhere to be found.  She was alone, sobbing for what ‘felt like forever,’ clenching to the sense of security of the locked bathroom as others knocked.

“Was it Baxter trying to get in?”

“He left a bruise!” she exclaimed. “When I got home that night, I realized I had a thumb mark bruise!”

Because she is humble, Bridget intentionally left out her role with the Democrat Party when introducing herself to Jones, as she didn’t feel that it was necessary. In hindsight, it might have been to her benefit to reveal to “Baba” that she was, at the time, 10th District Rep for the Progressive Caucus of the Michigan Democrat Party.  As Mrs. Huff explained, “He doesn’t victimize women he thinks have power or can get him something…he victimizes women whom he thinks are adoring nobodies.”

In her humbleness, Mrs. Huff had been perceived by Baxter as an adoring nobody.  That is how predators view other human beings: you are either the predator or the prey—the oppressor or the oppressed.  That is precisely how this far-left movement defines humanity.  So, if Mrs. Huff’s story (and those of the other alleged victims) is true, then Baxter would merely be fulfilling his natural role as the predator oppressor and forcing her into the role of the oppressed prey.

To add insult to the alleged injury, when Huff came to the Democratic Party and far-left factions, she’s dedicated her life to helping; Huff said they refused to support her. The Democratic Party she loved denied her any kind of justice.

A copy of the complaint from the MI Democratic Party Code of Conduct Panel reveals the similarities of the complaints between Hernandez and Huff:

Bridget’s story was published by MLive, a local Michigan left-leaning publication. Huff said the “Michigan Democratic Party refused to investigate and cleared [Baxter] without speaking to any of his victims,” including Bridget. “They claim they [investigated], but they certainly did not!” she exclaims.  Huff claims they never interviewed the victims but made sure to interview Jones’ friends before dismissing the internal case against him within the MDP.

Huff’s and MLIVE’s stories on the matter seem to corroborate each other.

In their explanation, the MDP includes a passage that says Baxter is physically incapable of committing the alleged transgressions.

However, in the photos and videos we have obtained of Baxter, whom Huff describes as “an imposing guy,” it appears as though hands work quite well. His biceps are quite large.  So, one might assume he can lift heavy objects and form a fist. 

You be the judge.

Baxter Jones grins wide, raising his arms high and clenching his fist for a big thumbs up. 

How does a man acquire such a bicep if he has such debilitating “chronic carpal tunnel” that it causes him to have severe difficulty “performing activities of daily living” such that he couldn’t possibly grab someone’s rear end?

Huff was forced to be in the same room with Baxter again during a meeting with Cornell West in March 2021. The meeting took place after the alleged sexual assault.  Jones can be seen gripping something and reaching with his right arm while meeting.

Huff is also pictured (keeping her distance) in the background. According to Mrs. Huff, she was acting in the capacity of her political role within the Democrat Party during the meeting. She told us that even though the Democratic Party has abandoned her, she is so enthusiastic and driven by her progressivism that she says she “would take a bullet for Mr. West.” Huff told us she remembers that day being “excruciating” for her. 

Bridget Huff resigned from her position as the Progressive Caucus Chair in June of 2020 because the anxiety of running into Baxter Jones at events like this was “too much for her.” 

Within weeks of publishing the May 13 article, Bridget was suspended as the Communications Director for the 10th District of the MI Democratic Party. They not only suspended her, but without ever speaking to her, the MI Democrat Party leadership also substantiated an 80-page complaint against her claiming that she is a “racist” and that she never met Baxter Jones. 

Huff claims the reason other women who’ve been victims of Jones are afraid to come forward is because of the example the party has made of her. It’s easy to see how women in the Democratic Party might be willing to allow themselves to become vicitms of sexual assault when their own party won’t even perform an actual investigation into credible claims by a loyal party member. If the responses by other women in the Democratic Party are similar to MI State Rep. Cynthia Johnson’s response to the young Fernandez’s claim of sexual assault by “Baba” Jones, it’s a wonder that any woman in the Democratic Party in Michigan would have the courage to come forward and tell her story.

So much for the #MeToo movement, the Democratic Party attempted to claim as their own.

Perhaps the Democratic Party in Michigan should change the #MeToo hashtag to #NotHim!


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