Dana White Won’t Mandate Vaccines for UFC Fighters, Says It’s a ‘Free Country’

Ultimate Fighting Championship President Dana White says he will not be mandating COVID vaccines for fighters in his organization.

White railed against the mandates, asserting that people can do what they want because it’s a “free country.”

In an interview with Brian Kilmeade of Fox News, White was asked about the vaccine mandate for companies with more than 100 employees.

“My fighters can get vaccinated or not,” White proclaimed. “We’re not forcing people to get vaccinated. I believe as an American, that’s your choice. If you want to get vaccinated — your body. This is a free country. You do what you want.”

White asserted the same thing in August, prior to the mandate.

“I would never tell another human being what to do with their body,” White said. “If you want to get vaccinated, that’s up to you. That’s your choice. You’re never going to hear me say I’m going to force people to get vaccinated. Never gonna happen.”

When asked about UFC 268, which will take place at Madison Square Garden which requires proof of vaccine for entry, White said that people could attend fights in other states if they do not want to get the jab.

“If you’re vaccinated and you want to come to the event, you can come to the event in New York,” White said. “If you’re not, we’re gonna be putting on 44 events around the country, you can go to one of those shows.”


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