Biden Does the Creepy Whispering Thing Again After Calling on List of Pre-Approved Reporters (VIDEO)

Just when we thought Joe Biden couldn’t embarrass the US anymore…

Joe Biden on Tuesday held a press conference at the COP26 climate summit in Glasgow, Scotland before heading back to the US where his domestic agenda is falling apart.

Biden brought an 85-car caravan to lecture the world on the threat of global warming.

Joe Biden called on a list of pre-approved reporters…AGAIN.


Quick recap of Biden’s lies during Tuesday’s 30-minute presser:

  • Joe Biden falsely claimed wages have gone up faster than inflation
  • Biden called China’s expansion of missile silo fields and testing of hypersonic nuclear-capable missiles ‘competition’
  • Biden blamed high gas prices on OPEC and Russia (after he shut down American energy)
  • Biden brushed off Manchin’s blow to his $1.75 trillion spending bill

Then he did the weird creepy whispering thing again.

What the hell is this?


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