Angry Michigan Voters Confront Macomb County Clerk over Election Results Nearly a Year After 2020 Election – Demand Audit (Video)

Michigan residents attended a meeting on Saturday with Macomb County Clerk Anthony Forlini.

The entire event was captured on video.

The constituents are still irate with the election process in Michigan nearly a year following the 2020 election.

Michigan state representative candidate Mellissa Carone attended the meeting and wrote this up following the meeting.

Michigan voters arrive at a meeting frustrated, to make inquiries to their elected officials, only to get nonanswers, or no answers, and leave more upset than when they arrived.  Voters from around the country, much like those in Macomb County, continue to demand our elected officials perform a full forensic audit into the 2020 presidential election.  Michelle Smith brought Macome County Clerk Anthony Forlini in for a meeting with citizens after requests for the clerk to speak with voters for several months.

Forlini stumbled through his initial presentation before taking questions from voters.  When Mellissa Carone was given an opportunity to speak she cited an excerpt from Michigan Election Law Act 116 168.870 “Board of canvassers; investigation of recount.’

‘For the purpose of such investigation, the clerk, if no meeting be already appointed, shall call a meeting of such board of canvassers and the said board shall have power to issue subpoenas requiring the person in charge thereof to bring before it the ballot boxes used in the election precinct or precincts referred to in the petition, as well as the poll lists, tally sheets, statements of returns and such other documents or reports as may be deemed necessary.  Said board shall safely guard such ballots, poll lists, tally sheets and returns and when no longer required shall deliver them to the officials charged with the custody thereof.  Whoever, being so subpoenaed, shall fail to appear or shall fail to produce any such box, shall be deemed guilty of a misdemeanor.  The persons who are required to appear before the board of canvassers shall be paid the same fees and mileage as are paid circuit court witness in the county.  They shall be paid by the political subdivision before whose board of canvassers they appear.”

In summary, the law states it is the clerk’s responsibility to call a meeting with the board of canvassers to subpoena election materials to perform an audit.

Forlini’s response, as expected, was one of complete subversion.  Forlini stated it was the first time he had heard of such law, which was quickly disputed by many within the meeting, informing him that they had sent the law to him on several occasions with no response.  This was disappointing to the attendees at the meeting to say the least.   Many at the meeting, were reportedly upset that they were the ones informing their clerk on election law.  Several officials were derelict in their duties over the past year.

The entire meeting was much of the same we have become accustomed to since the November election.  Citizens are increasingly upset about the lack of action by our elected officials.  Forlini at one point, referred to how difficult following the law would be in this case.  Voters have been asking for this to happen since November, and election materials are retained for 22 months following the election, for this exact situation.

Many other answerswere incoherent and attendees were cut off by the moderator Michelle Smith, if she even allowed the citizens to complete their question at all.

We need a forensic audit performed, the citizens will have to continue to demand it be done, in larger numbers and more frequently than we have been.  If we do not find out what happened in our 2020 election, and make corrections, then we will live through the consequences like we have over the past year.

We are losing our country and our freedoms.  This is why I have been fighting so hard for our country and will continue to fight as your legislator.  I hope that everyone will continue to get behind me in the battle for our country.  We must continue to demand a forensic audit and I will do that as a State Representative for District 33 in Macomb County.

** To volunteer or donate, please visit   Any help is greatly appreciated, we must take our country back.  Thank you.


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