4.4 Million Americans Quit Their Jobs in September Amid Vaccine Coercion, Pandemic Stress

As the federal government mandates experimental Covid-19 vaccines for nearly all employees, a record 4.4 million American workers walked away from their jobs in September.

According to data published on Nov. 12 from the United States Job Openings and Labor Turnover report, an unprecedented number of Americans in most sectors abandoned their jobs amid pandemic stress and childcare challenges.

The number of mass resignations is the highest level since the Bureau of Labor Statistics began measuring the data in 2000.

Sectors in which work is done in person and wages are relatively low, particularly in the arts and entertainment industries, saw the highest rates of resignations.

Between Covid-lockdown, mask mandates and now, vaccine mandates, mothers have also left the workforce in droves to stay home with their children.

Remote work is a priority for approximately 56 percent of people in the workforce, according to a recently published Bankrate’s jobseeker survey.

In addition to the record quit rate, millions of Americans were fired or furloughed for refusing to comply with Covid vaccine mandates.

In April 2020, COVID-19 resulted in the loss of 20.5 million jobs in the United States.  As employees have been forced to endure the mandates for nearly two years, there are now over 10.4 million job openings in the US, exceeding pre-pandemic levels, the Bureau of Labor Statistics reports.

As an unprecedented number of Amerians walking away from their jobs, desperate business owners are offering higher wages, flexible work hours and bonuses. But when will they quit complying with oppressive Covid mandates?

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