WINNING: Florida Now Has the LOWEST Rate of New Covid Cases Per Capita in The Nation – State Has Remained Open With No Mandates, No Masks, and Almost No Restrictions

Florida has officially become the nation’s leader in getting the Covid-19 crisis under control – and the best part of it all, they validated their strategy of ignoring the ‘expert advice’ of the tyrannical public health regime in the process.

According to the most recent data that was published by the CDC, Florida now owns the LOWEST rate of new Covid-19 cases in the nation on a per capita basis. The state checks in well below several other democrat havens, including ones that employ the most restrictive mandates (California, New York), and also the states with the highest vaccination rates in the country (Vermont, Rhode Island).

The latest numbers are just more proof that the Democrats’ dystopian policies to combat Covid do nothing other than crush people’s freedoms.

Florida is now averaging just 60.6 new cases per 100,000 residents a day, which blows several other blue states’ numbers out of the water. In comparison, New York’s case rate is more than DOUBLE, at 129.8, and Joe Biden’s home state of Delaware is approaching FOUR TIMES as bad, checking in at 211.1 new daily cases per capita.

Keep in mind, Florida was kept open for business almost the entire time, and thanks to that, is also pacing the country with its economic success as Democrats continue to push crippling lockdowns and abhorrent vaccine mandates on businesses across America. 

In other words, Florida = WINNING.

Throughout the ‘pandemic’ Florida Governor Ron DeSantis has stood firmly against the calls to impose draconian Covid restrictions and mandates on the citizens of the sunshine state. His resistance to the Left’s sweeping power grab that’s being masqueraded around under the guise of public health had created an intense backlash from the ‘experts’ in the Biden administration and the hacks in the politicized media that dutifully carry water for them.

For months, scathing pieces were published in ‘news’ outlets across the country, characterizing the governor as some sort of crazed conspiracy theorist that was intentionally leading the citizens of Florida to their certain deaths. One of the best examples of this ridiculous gaslighting was from the Guardian’s piece titled: “The Pied Piper Leading Us Off a Cliff: Florida Governor Condemned as Covid Surges.”

There was even a horror-movie-style TV ad that was created by a progressive group called “Remove Ron.” The unbelievably stupid video depicts DeSantis’ Flordia as if it was going to become the sequel to “The Purge” and includes several clips of DeSantis saying things like “we trust people to make their own decisions in the state of Florida”  as evidence that the State has become too dangerous.

These people are clearly unhinged.

But now – like always – as time continues on and more information becomes available, the Democrats have been left standing in the open, holding an empty bag with no clothes on. 

As Clay Travis points out, Florida was able to pull this feat off “without mask or vaccine mandates, which he explains is why DeSantis is able to have such an impact in the fight against the left’s power grab.

“This is why Ron DeSantis terrifies the coronabros. Because all their shutdowns and mandates, which destroy freedoms, provide no benefits.”


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