WATCH: Washington State Sergeant Gives Emotional Goodbye in Final Patrol Signoff With a Surprise Twist; Forced to Resign After 17 Years of Service Because He is Unvaccinated

As an already severely understaffed police force deals with skyrocketing crime in the state, a 17-year veteran Washington State Patrol officer announced his resignation this week in a video that was published on social media.

Just last year, this “outstanding” officer had worked his way up to become a sergeant. Now, he is being forced out of his job because of the state’s mandatory vaccine mandate that kicked in yesterday.

The unnamed officer was only identified in the video by his number – 110 – and is one of several officers in recent days to record their final goodbye to their fellow officers.

“Due to my personal choice to take a moral stand for medical freedom and personal choice, I will be signing out of service for the last time today,” said the Seargent.

After sharing his final goodbyes and thank yous without shedding a tear, the sergeant has to wipe his eyes by the end of the dispatcher’s heartfelt response when she reveals a major plot twist.

“I’m honored to have been your dispatcher, but mostly proud to be your wife.

Our future is bright. Thank you so much for your service, 110.”

Watch the sergeant’s final signoff:

The sergeant is one of many Washington State Patrol officers to resign with a public video over the past couple of days. 

In another video that was posted this week, a separate unnamed officer used his final goodbye to stick it to the state’s Democrat governor, telling him to “kiss my a*s.”

Washington State Trooper Fired Over COVID Vaccine Mandate Has Final Signoff Message: “Jay Inslee Can Kiss My A**”

Washington Governor Jay Inslee has followed the authoritarian footsteps of other progressive governors in Democrat strongholds. The radical ‘defund the police’ policies the governor has implemented have caused a critical understaffing crisis and now hundreds of more officers are being forced out due to his strict vaccine mandate that requires all federal employees to take the jab.  

Some cities in the state are being hit especially hard by the mandates. Although not implemented by Inslee, Seattle’s mandates for city employees are just as strict as the state’s.

Antifa-sympathising Seattle mayor Jenny Durkin happily copied and followed Inslee’s vaccine demands. Thanks to the policy, the Seattle Police Department faces a situation where a whopping 40% of their active force could be terminated. 

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These brave officers who stand up against this medical tyranny deserve to be commended.

Thank you for your service officers! America stands behind you!


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