Two Military Brothers Harassed for Choosing Not to Take the Vaccine Are Now Facing Less than Honorable Discharge from the Biden Gang

The father of two young Christian military men of good character, who are choosing not to take the COVID vaccine based on religious reasons, is asking for help.  His boys are being harassed and are facing dishonorable discharges for exercising their God-given rights. 

Here is the proud father’s story of his hero sons and what they are going through:

I am trying to get a little help for 2 of my sons. Here is their story. Since they are currently in uniform I am telling it for them. I don’t know how newsworthy this is for you but I need help fighting this evil and don’t know where to turn. I am shadow-banned or outright Jailed on my social media platforms.

Chris and Eric Williams, both Eagle Scouts, are two of my sons who watched me struggle and fight the VA system their entire lives. They decided to join the military knowing full well what lay ahead for them should they become injured, why? Because it was important to them to serve their country.

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Eric is a Marine Corps Corporal and an Embassy Security Guard (one of the most prestigious positions in the Marine Corps. Just look up the MSG program and you will see what extraordinary lengths you must go to become one). the MSG position is part of an elite group within the Corps. with specialized training to fulfill the role. He graduated near the top of his class beating out seasoned Marines. He earned the position straight from Basic and SOI school where he earned the commander’s mast award, a rare honor. He carried out his duties at his 1st embassy assignment in Juba, South Sudan flawlessly. This is his second embassy assignment which to this point has been carried out in the same character. You could say that this kid is the quintessential marine.

Christopher is an Air National Guard Staff Sergeant who repairs jet engines for the Airforce National Guard.

Both of these young men hold the highest level of integrity and dedication to duty as you will find in the services.

Both of these young men are Christian having been baptized because of their faith. Chris before entering the service, Eric at the end of Boot Camp by a Navy Chaplain.

Because of that faith and the understanding that all will stand before Christ and give an account for their lives they personally chose NOT to get the COVID-19 vaccine as doing so for them would violate their conscience before God.

Although there are a variety of reasons for taking this stand, among them is the fact that Aborted Child cells were used in the development, production, or testing of each of the COVID-19 Vaccines.

Below are the results of taking that stand and why we need your help to defend these two Men of Faith.

Corporal Eric Williams was on duty protecting our US Embassy in Tbilisi Georgia To the west of Turkey and south of Russia).  He was given a direct written order to take the Vaccine. This order followed months of relentless coercion, veiled threats, and command intimidation to submit and violate his conscience.

Upon refusing to take the vaccine invoking his desire for a religious exemption he was immediately told to “pack your $h!* you are out of here on the first available flight”. 2 days later he was sent to Dulles International (Friday 17 Sept 2021) Airport via Qatar, unaccompanied. Once arriving there his mother and I meet him expecting he would be escorted off the plane by 2 Security police. He was not. He contacted his report at the barracks in Quantico VA his sending port and was told he had liberty until Monday morning formation.

2 observations, first, why if disobeying a direct order was enough to be relieved from his post was he not escorted back and thrown into the brig? Second, for being the most deadly disease on the planet that will kill everybody and having traveled abroad on civilian flights, why was he not quarantined?

At this point, they have already violated his 1st amendment rights by removing him from the MSG post because of his religious views.

Since being back he has been treated like other Marines waiting for separation for egregious conduct. (Drunk and disorderly, accidental discharge of weapons, etc, etc).

On Monday they had him cutting grass. On Tuesday he was interrogated by the Commanding Officer of his detachment. On Wed. he had to speak with the corp Chaplain assigned to his unit. There he was informed that his request for religious exemption would be “Blown Off”.
Currently, he is continuing his grounds keeping duty until his separation hearing where he has been told that he will likely get an NJP (NonJudical Punishment) on his record for refusing to follow an order that violated his Christian Conscience and that will be used to give him a discharge that is not Honorable.

Eric had intended to either work for the State Department providing security to Embassys’ or to further his career in the Private Security Contractor arena.

Chris received his order to take the COVID-19 shot fulling his weekend duty requirement during the Air National Guard unit formation on Oct 2, 2021. This is a common tactic to use peer and command pressure to enforce compliance.

His refusal and announcement that he was requesting a religious exemption had him immediately separated from the rest of the unit. He then had to see the Unit Commander who informed him that his actions would result in separation from the military and not with an Honorable discharge.

Still refusing he was shuffled off to speak with the unit Chaplain. The Chaplain then informed Chris that it was ok to toss his morals aside for the sake of unit readiness. Still refusing Chris was then directed to speak with a Reserve Airforce Doctor.

On Oct 3rd Chris had that interview where the Doctor tried to “re-educate” Chris as to why he should take the COVID vaccination. Upon refusing still the Doctor then berated Chris ending up calling him selfish.

Chris has been referred for separation and is awaiting that process.

Chris had intended to apply for Army Flight School once his obligation to the Air National Guard was fulfilled.

Without an Honorable Discharge, both of these men of Christian character will lose education benefits that they earned. They will lose the ability to get and secure a VA loan, They will lose access to the VA healthcare system where they can get treated for injuries suffered in the line of duty. They will lose any security clearances that they hold. They will lose the ability to belong to any Military service organization. If given a Dishonorable Discharge they could lose their right to own any firearms or to vote. Their employment opportunities will be severely limited.

We have Dishonorable men telling Honorable Men that they are Dishonorable.

We must fight this injustice but we are powerless to do so without YOUR help!

We have found an attorney that is well qualified to defend them and fight for their Honorable Discharge. He believes that this injustice can be fought and won and is willing to do so for a flat fee regardless if this ends up in a full-blown courts-Marshall.

We need to raise $25,000 to cover this fee. Anything left over will go to help these two young men rebuild their lives now that their future plans have been torpedoed by this Administration.

Please help by donating anything you can. After that please circulate this to your friends and family. Share this on your social media. We cannot do this with you!


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