Twix Releases Halloween Ad About a Boy Wearing Dresses With His Witch Nanny — Forgets to Mention Candy

Twix has released a new Halloween ad — and it has absolutely nothing to do with candy.

Instead, the entire ad is a virtue signaling mess about a young boy with a witch for a nanny who encourages him to wear princesses dresses in public.

The ad begins with a witch arriving at the home of a young boy who is playing at home, apparently alone, in a princess dress.

When the boy closes the door on the witch, she suddenly appears in the house and magically they become instant pals.

After going with the strange woman to the park, the child gets questioned about his choice to dress like a girl, so the nanny uses her powers to violently fling the other child through the air.

It appears as though the boy is confused and lonely, with no parental guidance, and bad influences appearing to fill the void — though that was clearly not the intention of the ad.


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