UPDATE: Colorado’s Saguache County Abandons ‘Emergency Regulations’ Stripping Individual Freedoms from Its Residents, After TGP Article, Patriots Show Up and Resolution Is Rescinded

Last week we reported on Colorado’s Saguache County approving measures allowing warrantless entry into households and preventing the sale of guns and ammo per an Emergency Resolution.  This week the document was rescinded.  

Over the weekend we reported on a resolution in Saguache County, Colorado, related to ’emergencies’ and the actions the local government could take.  The resolution basically allowed the County to have total control over the people in the county once an ’emergency’ has been claimed by the County.

Colorado’s Saguache County Adopts ‘Emergency Regulations’ Allowing Warrantless Entry to Private Property and Preventing Sale of Firearms and Ammo Into

The people of Saguache County read our piece and showed up at the County Commission’s meeting Tuesday night.  An individual shared with us the results of the meeting Tuesday:

Dear Mr. Hoft, Joe ran a story on October 3rd concerning the Saguache County Commissioners trying to make a power grab in our County attempting to empower the state and stripping County autonomy away from the people of Saguache County. The people showed up in groves because of Joe’s article and shut it down the very next day. I’ve been waiting for a follow-up story but I see nothing. Please have Joe take a look at this. This would inspire people across the country.

Here is a video from the County meeting Tuesday – go to the 15:00 mark to hear citizen comments:

Way to go Saguache citizens!  Way to stand up for your rights and the rights of future generations. 

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