SICKENING: Loudoun County Schools Covered Up Rape of a 14-Year-Old Girl and Prosecuted Her Father To Protect Male Transgender Student Who Was Permitted to Use Ladies Bathrooms

Earlier this week, The Daily Wire published a shocking investigative piece that exposes the sickening attempt by Loudoun County Schools to bury the brutal sexual assault of a 9th-grade student in a shameless attempt to preserve the Left’s radical agenda in schools.

The male ‘transgender’ offender was reportedly wearing a dress when he raped the girl in the lady’s bathroom at Stone Bridge High School. The school district’s policy allows male students to use the girl’s bathroom and vice versa. 

Not only did the school officials cover up the incident to ‘prevent controversy over their transgender policy,’ but they also arrested and prosecuted the girl’s father after he tried to sound the alarm at a school board meeting.

On June 22, Scott Smith joined hundreds of other outraged parents at a Loudoun County school board meeting to speak out on behalf of his daughter. The meeting was eventually deemed an “unlawful assembly” by the board members, and Smith was one of two people who were arrested that day.

Smith was attempting to tell the board that his 14-year-old daughter had been raped in the girl’s bathroom by a boy wearing a skirt, but when another person at the meeting – a local leftist activist – interrupted and told him that she didn’t believe his daughter, he shouted back at her. That’s when a police officer grabbed him by the arm and arrested him.

The incident went viral, but his daughter’s story remained buried.

Parents Protesting CRT at Loudoun County School Board Meeting Declared Unlawful Assembly – Sheriff Deputy Makes at Least Two Arrests (VIDEO)


Following Smith’s arrest, the county charged Smith and prosecuted him.

After hearing part of Smith’s cut-off testimony, the county’s superintendent – Scott Ziegler –  claimed that the outrage over new transgender policies was “unreasonable” because the school district had “no record of a sexual assault ever taking place in a school bathroom.”

Thanks to what the Daily Wire calls a ‘false statement by the superintendent,’ the new transgender policy was approved by the board and passed after the meeting concluded.

“A school policy passed following what appear to be false statements from the superintendent – a policy whose passage would have been politically impossible had Smith’s story seen the light of day.”

The brutal assault was able to be hidden for so long because the school tirelessly worked to conceal the incident for months. They made every effort to avoid getting law enforcement involved in the investigation, telling Smith that they would handle everything “in-house.” They also lied about the assault when communicating with other parents at the school by describing it as “something out of the ordinary.” 

The school did not even expel the offender, all they did was transfer him to another school. Once at the new school, he was allowed to continue using the girl’s bathroom and he sexually assaulted another girl just a short while later. 

Luke Rosiak of the Daily Wire makes a keen observation, putting it as simply as you can.

“Two girls, allegedly sexually assaulted in school, four months apart, by the same person. And so far, the only person convicted of a crime is the victim’s father.”

This is not justice – It’s the exact OPPOSITE.

The inexcusable actions by these so-called ‘educators’ are truly abhorrent. The Loudoun County School District has completely obliterated any shred of credibility they were hanging on to and should be immediately investigated for willfully endangering students in order to fraudulently advance their radical policy agendas. If the allegations are true, several people should be put in jail for this crime.

As of right now, the only one being punished is Scott Smith. It’s sickening.

If you are a parent in Loudoun County or have concerns about the incident, you can contact their school board here.


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