President Trump Sues the Corrupt Capitol Riot Committee and the National Archives – The Anti-American Democrats and RINOs are Out of Control

President Trump today sued the corrupt US House Capital Riot Committee and the National Archives

President Trump sued the biased and corrupt US House Capital Riot Committee and the National Archives Committee that is currently harassing the President with a corrupt one-sided investigation.  This committee is not focused on the stolen November 3, 2020 Election, rather it focuses on the Deep State instigated Capitol protests on January 6th.

On January 6th numerous bad individuals, including Antifa, attacked the US Capitol and broke a few windows. But BLM and Antifa are protected by the Biden/Obama government while good Americans are jailed.

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Of course, after the event, BLM and Antifa goons were bragging about their efforts on January 6th.

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But these people won’t be investigated by the corrupt US House under Speaker Pelosi.  The man they’re after is President Trump because he stands between us and them.

Today President Trump sued the committee and the National Archives.

Lawyers for former President Donald Trump filed a lawsuit on Monday against the House select committee investigating the Capitol riot, asking a federal judge to stop the National Archives from handing over a raft of documents that President Joe Biden had greenlighted for release despite Trump’s claims of executive privilege.

The lawsuit, filed against the Democratic-led congressional committee and the National Archives itself, said Trump “files this action requesting that the Court invalidate the Committee’s requests and enjoin the Archivist from turning over the records in question.” It argues that “at a bare minimum, the Court should enjoin the Archivist from producing any potentially privileged records until President Trump is able to conduct a full privilege review of all of the requested materials.”

The Democrats have morphed into a Stasi-like communist regime.  Their anti-American actions are tearing the country apart.  President Trump and good Americans are their targets. 

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