Planning the Defense of the West: Former Trump Adviser Jason Miller Meets Tommy Robinson in Berlin

Lutz Bachmann, Jason Miller, Tommy Robinson, Siggi Daebritz and Matthew Tyrmand in Berlin

Former Trump campaign manager and GETTR CEO Jason Miller visited Berlin on Tuesday to raise worldwide awareness of the new platform for free speech GETTR, and met with Tommy Robinson and the organizers of the German rally “Patriotic Europeans against the Islamization of the West” (PEGIDA) Lutz Bachmann and Siegfried Daebritz (photo).

“Big things are coming”, Tommy Robinson announced to his 130.000 fans on Telegram, which has been his only public platform after being thoroughly banned on Facebook, YouTube and Twitter after exposing the Fake News of the BBC in his documentary “Panodrama”. Now Tommy is on GETTR, where he already has 35.000 followers. Robinson, Miller  and GETTR International coordinator Matther Tyrmand discussed the future of content creators on the platform, including live-steaming videos and possible monetization further down the road.

Tommy and Jason were joined by Lutz Bachmann and Siegfried Daebritz, who have been putting on the patriotic MAGA-style rally “Patriotic Europeans against the Islamization of the West” (PEGIDA) in Dresden for seven years now, and will mark the rally’s anniversary on Sunday, Oct. 17, with guest speakers including Tommy, former Austrian vice-chancellor Heinz-Christian Strache (Gateway reported on the cabal to oust him) and former Al-Qaida operative turned Islam critic Irfan Peci.


The next day, Tommy had to fly to London to appear in court, being sued for “stalking” by a leftie “journalist” who has written over 200 Fake News hit pieces on him. In a just world, of course, it would be the Left who is on trial. Thanks to brave defenders of freedom like Tommy, Jason, Lutz and Siggi, someday sanity is bound to return!


Richard Abelson is Gateway Pundit international correspondent. Follow him on GETTR.



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