INCREDIBLE: Italian City Disappears THOUSANDS of Anti-Green Pass Protestors on City’s LIVE-STREAM VIDEO!

Anti-Vaccine Mandate protests continued to rock France and Italy with hundreds of thousands taking to the streets Saturday, downplayed by governments and the media.

In an astonishing revelation of the depth of media manipulation, a protestor in the Northern Italian port city of Trieste  on Oct. 18 demonstrated how the official city webcams showed the main square to be empty when it was in fact full of protestors.

This is truly incredible.
Check out the video here:

Naturally, Facebook-related “Fact Checkers” called the evidence you can see with your own eyes a “conspiracy theory”. City officials stated the webcam involved simply had the wrong angle. Watch the footage above to judge for yourself if there is a “wrong angle” that can make the Piazza Unitá d’Italia look deserted.

This is the Matrix, Neo.


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