The DOJ Under Merrick Garland Has Ignored President Trump’s Order to Declassify All Intelligence Related to the Corrupt and Criminal Attempted Coup of President Trump Labeled Obamagate

President Trump ordered the DOJ to declass all of the intelligence documents from the corrupt and criminal investigation referred to as Obamagate or Russiagate.  These documents are yet to be released.

At the end of President Trump’s first term, he ordered the declassification of all intelligence documents from the corrupt investigations originating from Hillary Clinton that hounded and harassed the President during his entire term.  Americans deserved to see all involved and all the criminal actions that were taken by the intelligence community in their attempted coup of President Trump.

However, to date, the DOJ has ignored President Trump’s order.  The Barr DOJ and the Garland DOJ have ignored President Trump’s order.

The Washington Examiner reported on just another action (or inaction) that shows Biden/Obama’s DOJ’s disregard for the law.

Two top Republican senators are demanding answers from Attorney General Merrick Garland because the Justice Department has failed to release anything in the “binder” of Crossfire Hurricane documents that former President Donald Trump ordered declassified during his last day in office.

The memo from Trump said he had “determined that the materials in that binder should be declassified to the maximum extent possible.” The FBI said in mid-January that the bureau had “identified the passages that it believed it was most crucial to keep from public disclosure.”

Trump said he would “accept the redactions proposed for continued classification by the FBI” and ordered the rest of the documents to be declassified and made available by the Justice Department.

Sens. Chuck Grassley and Ron Johnson said this week they are “seeking full transparency” on the steps Garland has taken to declassify the records, charging that the Justice Department has “has made no apparent progress toward transparency and has rebuffed numerous inquiries from members of Congress on the matter.”

Why do Americans continue to believe that those who stole the election, surrendered billions to the Taliban, and are working with Iran, would give a damn about the law?

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