Biden’s Border Crisis Pops Off: Cartel Fires Machine Gun Over Border Patrol Tower After Days of Threats Against Agents by Armed Gangs in Tac Vests; “We Should Just Shoot You Soldiers” – (Video)

Shocking footage that was captured by Fox News’ Bill Melugin in Roma, Texas shows several rounds of automatic gunfire being shot from the Mexico side of the border towards the US by suspected cartel members.

Melugin was ’embedded’ with the Texas National Guard on Thursday night when the group witnessed the shooting. He was able to quickly pull out his phone to capture what he says was the second hail of tracer rounds that flew over a Border Patrol observation post that was on the border nearby.

“Holy Sh*t,” one of the National Guard Soldiers can be heard saying in the video.

Melugin Joined Americas Newsroom this morning to give some more details about what has been going on in the days leading up to the shooting. According to him, several Border Patrol agents have been openly threatened and mocked by groups of cartel members that are standing on the Mexican side of the border as they patrol the area. 

Several times over the past week, border agents have come across cartel members – wearing bulletproof tactical vests and wielding machine guns – who approach from Mexico to threaten and mock them.

Meanwhile, and as the crisis worsens, Biden and his fraudulent administration continue to do nothing to secure the southern border and are only encouraging more illegals to flood across. Their negligence has emboldened the cartels like never before and things have become downright dangerous for everyone who is close to the border.

What’s most shocking is that the crisis has gotten to this point throughout the brutally hot summer when traffic on the border is traditionally at its lowest point for the year – If you thought the record-shattering numbers of illegals that we saw over the summer were bad, buckle up; the next few months will be much worse.

The largest single caravan that has ever come to the US is expected to arrive over the next couple of days, and a total of 400,000+ are expected to cross this month alone – and we are just kicking off caravan season.

Shock Report: Biden Admin Prepares for Up to 400,000 Migrant Surge in October

That 400,000 is to say nothing of the countless people who have crossed undetected. Tens, or probably hundreds of thousands more will cross this month without being counted. 

If something doesn’t change soon, enough people will have illegally crossed by Christmas that we won’t recognize the country we live in.

One of Biden’s main responsibilities – if not THE MAIN RESPONSIBILITY – is to secure the borders of our nation. It would be a perfectly appropriate use of the US Military if he sent them in to stop this invasion – but if that happened, democrats might lose future elections because they can’t import enough illegal votes to pull off a fraudulent win.

What Biden and his administration are doing is criminal.


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