Biden Says He Didn’t Discuss Abortion with Pope Francis: “We Just Talked About the Fact that He Was Happy I Was a Good Catholic” (VIDEO)

Joe Biden on Friday met with Pope Francis at the Vatican.

This is Biden’s fourth time meeting with Pope Francis, but his first time meeting him as president.

The Vatican abruptly canceled a live broadcast of Biden’s meeting with the Pontiff so they met in private for 75 minutes.

Joe Biden emerged from his unusually long meeting with the Pope and answered a few questions from reporters.

One reporter asked Joe Biden whether the issue of abortion came up during his meeting.

“No, it didn’t … We just talked about the fact he was happy I was a good Catholic and I should keep receiving communion,” Biden said.


“Good Catholic” Joe Biden does not believe life begins at conception.

“Good Catholic” Joe Biden used his crackhead son Hunter as an international bagman for his influence peddling and money laundering scheme.

“Good Catholic” Joe Biden is a pathological liar and a crook.


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