10,086 South African Police Officers Charged with Murder, Rape and Assault since 2013

The South African Police Force is plagued by crime and corruption

A total of 10,086 South African Police Service (SAPS) members have been charged for serious criminal offences between 2013 and 2021, according to firearms rights group Action Society. The offenses include murder, rape and assault with the intent to commit grievous bodily harm. Only 50 of these, more than 10 000 members, have been formally suspended by the South African Police Service.

Action Society is especially concerned about the amount of rape charges, where the alleged perpetrators did not face any suspension at all. Out of the 282 members that were charged for rape, only 11 were suspended ̶ this in a country that has a less than 3% rape conviction rate,” said Ian Cameron of Action Society.

Cameron reiterated that South Africa is facing a gender-based violence pandemic of immense proportions and now it seems police are not only failing to combat these crimes, they are also guilty of committing them.

It is important to understand that suspensions were, in most cases, meant to occur while the Independent Police Investigation Directorate (IPID) were conducting their investigations into the alleged rape cases.

Recently it was reported that National Police Commissioner, Khehla Sitole, was served with a notice of intention to suspend. The notice came in light of the High Court decision in January which found that Sitole and two of his lieutenants, had “breached their duties” by intentionally frustrating the IPID investigations into corrupt procurement deals within the Crime Intelligence environment. Deputy National Commissioner, Ntombenhle Vuma has also taken ‘indefinite leave’.

In July, 5 policemen were arrested in conjunction with the ghastly crucifixion murder of farm supervisor Brendin Horner, as Gateway Pundit reported. During widespread riots in July, police officers were also sighted participating in the looting.

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