White House Staffers Have So Much Anxiety When Joe Biden Gives Public Remarks, They Mute Him or Turn Off His Remarks

White House staffers cringe every time Joe Biden delivers remarks because they’re afraid he’s going to speak off the cuff and veer off the West Wing’s “carefully orchestrated messaging.”

Biden’s own staffers mute him when he’s giving public remarks because they’re filled with anxiety.

Joe Biden has always been a ‘gaffe machine’ but he can barely string a sentence together now that he has dementia.

“It’s not that they’re indifferent to what their boss has to say. Indeed, their livelihoods are directly invested in it. Rather, they’re filled with anxiety that he’s going to take questions from the press and veer off the West Wing’s carefully orchestrated messaging,” Politico’s Alex Thompson reported.

“I know people who habitually don’t watch it live for that reason,” said one current official.

Read more of Alex Thompson’s reporting here.

Biden’s advisors tell him not to take questions from reporters.

Because of Biden’s dementia, the truth slips out which is why he says he’s “going to get in trouble” if he takes questions.


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