WATCH: West Virginia University Employee Speaks Out About Her Horrible Pain and Suffering After Getting Vaxxed at Employee Meeting Against Mandatory Vaccine Mandate

West Virginia University Health System announced last August 23rd that it will require all of its clinical and non-clinical staff to be fully vaccinated with both doses of the COVID-19 two-dose series by the end of October.

WVHA President Jim Kaufman said that they’re very concerned about the workforce – in fact, that’s one of their biggest challenges. “At the same time, we know that getting our healthcare teams vaccinated will allow us to serve all West Virginians and protect our staff,” Kaufman added.

The employees that are not vaccinated or didn’t obtain an approved exemption on the 14th day from the determined COVID vaccination deadline will be “VOLUNTARILY TERMINATED”. Surprisingly, WVHA had intentionally removed the phrase “voluntarily terminated” from their website. Good thing employees have screenshots and printed copies of it.

Over 150 people came to a meeting last week that was scheduled a few days prior to discuss their options and what they could do to stop the mandates.

Our source sent this message to The Gateway Pundit with the video of the meeting.

I know hospitals all over the nation are struggling with the same thing… mandated vaccines. WVUH has over 6,000 unvaccinated staff (administration, billing, nurses, doctors, custodial, etc.). Last week over 150 people came to a meeting scheduled a few days before to discuss their options and what they could do. A few senators and delegates were in attendance.

Many are prepared to walk, stating although they love their patients and are in the profession to care for their others, they have to also care for themselves. They are not dumb people, they have researched, discussed, and dug deep on the matters at hand.

My husband worked at WVUH in Morgantown and has not received the vaccine. The deadline to submit a religious exemption is this Wednesday, and to be vaccinated by Oct. 31st or you are “voluntarily terminated.” Interesting enough, the materials they have on their website for the employees have now removed that phrase. Clever nurses have screenshots and printed materials of it — WVUH is trying to pull a fast one on them.

It’s a huge story, especially because WVUH is one of the main employees in WV and a Trauma 1 hospital. Who will help all these people when they leave or if they get sick from the vaccine, as we have been seeing?

Now Mon General workers, which is the neighboring competition hospital, have joined in with WVUH employees to fight the mandates together. My best friend is in her 30s, has been a Cancer Center nurse for around 10-15 years, and the only Nurse Navigator for WVUH. She received her vaccines and is now part of the vaccine-injured, and is one of the people leading the fight against the WVUH mandates. This is exactly why my husband will not take the shots, as well as many others we know and have met through this battle.

Please let me know if we can somehow work together to get more people to see what WVUH is mandating and why choice should be allowed. They absolutely hate bad press — think of WVU during the couch burning days of Grant Street when the Mountaineers played! They have already sneakily changed wording throughout their paperwork because of a protest and the meeting. The pressure is building on them, anything will help!

A brave soul stepped up and shared her testimony about living with terrible disease after getting the vaccine.

“I trusted science for 15 years! I’ve held the hands of patients dying, I have given chemo… I am an advocate of my patients, so right now I will be an advocate to all of you!

On February 3rd, I had my second Pfizer in the cancer institute. Within 6 minutes, my arms and legs went numb. I had hives, my face went numb, my heart rate went to 160 to 180. I was rushed to the emergency room….

We are being censored, we are being diminished. Who is okay in here that there are over 13,000 deaths from the vaccine?….My 7 months of my life were taken away from me. For 2 months, I couldn’t function, they thought I had multiple sclerosis.

On February 3rd, a 35-year-old healthy woman, who works out 4 times a week, that can take care of 8 and 4-year-old, and can go to work and take care of cancer patients, and all of a sudden I’m at home in bed.. My head is spinning and my blood pressure is 70 over 30. I’m standing here right now with sinus tachycardia. My heart rate is at 100 or above all the time.

I’m standing here in front of you because if THERE IS A RISK OF HARM, THERE SHOULD BE A CHOICE IN THE MATTER! 


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