WATCH: Christina Bobb: Georgia Election Audit Update – Hearing NEXT MONDAY For The Physical Ballots

OANN Political Correspondent Christina Bobb delivered a live update on Georgia’s election audit today.

In Fulton County, they have the ballot images and they have found potential issues. They now need the actual physical ballots in order to confirm or deny the discrepancies.

There will be a court hearing next Monday, September 20th, where a judge will decide whether or not Fulton County needs to turn over the physical ballots to the auditors.

OANN’s Christina Bobb gave the following update on Georgia, from Arizona as we prepare for the Arizona audit report.

Summers: Thanks for joining us. While Arizona finalizes its election audit report, Georgia and Pennsylvania are busy this week holding hearings of their own. Let’s bring in One America’s political correspondent Christina Bob who is live in Phoenix with the latest on the election integrity efforts across the country. Good morning, Christina so Georgia’s election lawsuit has been working its way through the courts. Can we expect to see an audit in Georgia anytime soon?

Bobb: Yes Hey Alicia it’s great to be with you. Georgia absolutely has been working diligently trying to get an audit in Fulton County, which is where Atlanta is seated. On Monday, September 20 which is this coming Monday, there’s going to be a hearing and the judge is going to decide whether Fulton County actually has to turn over and when they have to turn over the physical ballots. This case has been going on for quite some time, and the court had already ordered that the ballot images need to be turned over and the plaintiffs have been able to examine the ballot images. Now ballot images are when voters scan their ballot through the machine, the machine actually takes an image of the ballot, saves it and then the ballot scans all the way through, and then they count the votes. So they’ve already reviewed the scanned images, the ballot images, and they have made some findings. We don’t know what they are, they haven’t issued their report but they have, they have examined them. And so, they need the physical ballots in order to confirm their findings and that’s the legal procedure and something that’s important to make sure that there’s no argument that says oh the ballot images were manipulated or there’s something wrong with the images, not the ballots themselves. And so in order to confirm their findings, they need access to the actual ballots and that hearing will take place on Monday, so this has been quite an effort and it will be very interesting to see when they can complete their analysis by actually obtaining those actual ballots from Fulton County.

Audits around the country are formulating as Arizona’s audit comes to a close with severe discrepancies found and no answers or compliance from Maricopa County.

Brave Patriots like Garland Favorito, cofounder of, and the plaintiff in the Georgia court case are leading the charge for election audits.

Favorito notified his followers that this meeting is open to the public.

Days ago, it was discovered that Georgia was one of many states hit by a massive ballot trafficking operation.

HUGE UPDATE: Voter Integrity Groups are Analyzing Video Evidence of Ballot Trafficking on Massive Scale in Georgia, Arizona, Wisconsin, Pennsylvania and Michigan

We need to continue to push on and find the truth about 2020.

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