Time for Friday Prayers: ISIS Terrorist Injures 6 in Auckland Despite Being Followed by Police!

Amid fears the Biden regime’s treasonous humiliation of the US in Afghanistan may spark a worldwide upsurge in Islamist terror, a 32-year-old Sri Lankan man identified only as ‘S’ injured six people with a knife in a supermarket in Auckland, New Zealand, despite having been FOLLOWED TO THE STORE by police monitor him 24/7.

Police were already on high alert after the Sri Lankan  had posted a warning to “Kiwi scums” on social media. The terrorist recveived “a formal warning from police”, the Daily Mail reports. They probably told him he was a bad boy and not to do it again.

Three victims were  in critical condition, with neck and chest wounds, after  shoppers rushed to give first aid to the wounded, the Daily Mail reports. A video showed the moment the terrorist scumbag was sent to his 72 ugly virgins by New Zealand police.

Nothing epitomizes the utter failure of the  West to confront the threat of Islamist terror better than the fact the man, who had been in New Zealand since 2011, was a known terrorist threat and being monitored at all times by a surveillance team and special tactics group, who still could not prevent him from attacking innocent people. The SWAT team took out the attacker after roughly 60 seconds, time enough to injure six shoppers.

NZ Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern admitted “the suspect was considered one of the nation’s most dangerous extremists and had been watched 24/7 since 2016”, the Daily Mail reports, adding she was “gutted” he was able to carry out the attack despite being on the terror watchlist.

Ardern said the man “was known to our national security agencies, was of concern and was being monitored constantly. There are very few people that fall into this category.” If the government had only had some way to put him in prison, “that’s where he would have been.”


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