Texas Congressman: Border Town “Completely Overrun…Virtually No Border in Del Rio, Migrants Are Crossing Back and Forth from Mexico with Ease” (Video)

Rep. Tony Gonzales (R-TX) is sounding the alarm over a sudden flood of thousands of migrants who he says are overrunning the border town of Del Rio and warning there is “virtually no border” as migrants cross the border at will.

On Wednesday Gonzales reported there were over 3,000 migrants being held in an open air detention camp under the U.S. side of the border bridge (that number swelled to over 8,000 overnight), “These photos were sent to my office by local officials in Del Rio. There are currently over 3,000 migrants encamped under the International Bridge in Del Rio. Agents on the ground say this could take weeks to process, and that they’ve received intel of more people on their way…The city is now completely overrun and our border patrol is overwhelmed. President Biden and Sec. Mayorkas need to act NOW.”

On Thursday Gonzales toured the border detention camp, “A video from my visit this morning to the International Bridge in Del Rio. Currently at 8300 migrants waiting to be processed with thousands more on the way. Our border patrol is doing everything they possibly can but they are at a breaking point.”

“More photos of my visit this morning. Right now, there is virtually no border in Del Rio. Migrants are crossing back and forth from Mexico with ease.”

This video posted by Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX) proves Gonzales’ point. Migrants can seen freely crossing the Rio Grande in both directions between the United States and Mexico, “Illegal aliens continue to flood across the border. Over 8,000 were under the Del Rio International Bridge as of this morning! My team was sent this video by a law enforcement official on the ground in Del Rio. This disaster was caused by Joe Biden.”

Update: Over 9,000 migrants now under the bridge, per Fox News reporter Bill Melugin, ” Source on the ground at the international bridge in Del Rio just sent me this video showing the deteriorating situation. Federal source says the number has now increased to 9,300.
It was 8,200 this morning, and about 4,000 yesterday AM.
Mostly Haitians, I’m told.”

UPDATE: Reuters reports illegal migrants returning to Mexico to get food and coming back into U.S. at will as they wait to be processed (excerpt):

Ernesto, a 31-year-old Haitian migrant, waded knee-deep through the Rio Grande river that separates the United States and Mexico.

He wasn’t heading to the United States, though. He was leaving a migrant encampment in Del Rio, Texas, on Thursday to slip back into Mexico’s Ciudad Acuña to buy water and food — for the fourth time, he said, since arriving in the United States on Monday morning.

Reuters witnessed hundreds of other migrants, mostly Haitians but also Cubans, Venezuelans and Nicaraguans, wading through the Rio Grande and back into Mexico to stock up on essentials they say they are not receiving on the American side.

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