Report: Biden’s State Department Hung Up On US Citizen Trapped In Afghanistan

The Biden administration left Americans behind in Afghanistan. 

Prince Wafa, a US citizen from San Diego, called the State Department to find out how he could get him and his wife out of Afghanistan.

The US official on the other end assured him that the Biden administration would not leave any citizen in the country.

The official told them that they would call back with directions on how to leave the country.

The Intercept reported:

When Wafa called the State Department on August 29, the deadline for the U.S. withdrawal from Afghanistan was still expected to be two days away. An official picked up Wafa’s call and gave him instructions on what to do.

Wafa was reassured by the confident tone of the U.S. official. “They told me that they would not leave any citizen in the country, they would get everyone out,” Wafa said. “They told me to take shelter and not go to the airport and to wait for further directions on what to do.” The official took down his information and told Wafa to wait for another call that would provide directions on how to safely exit the country with his wife.

No call ever came.

Wafa once again called the State Department to find out what had happened.

The State Department hung up on him, according to The Intercept:

In a panic, Wafa called the same State Department number he had called earlier and told the official on the line that he was, like many other U.S. citizens and green card holders he knew, still stranded in Afghanistan. “I told them President Biden is saying on the news that everyone is out, but I’m still here,” Wafa said. “I have my passport in my hand right now, and no one has given me any way to get out.”

The State Department official listened and told Wafa to wait briefly while he checked what could be done. After a few moments, the official returned with a brief, terse message. “At this time, we have no other information to share with you on steps to take,” Wafa recalled the official saying. “We can only advise you to shelter in place for the time being.”

“Thank you for calling the U.S. Department of State,” the official added, hanging up before a stunned Wafa could even reply.

Hundreds of Americans remain stranded in Afghanistan.

27 school children are among those stranded.

Biden’s State Department has not communicated with the Taliban to have them evacuated.

OUTRAGEOUS: Biden Defense Department HAS NOT Communicated with Taliban to Release More Stranded Americans Including 27 School Children from California

Biden is a global disgrace.

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