No Supporters, Not Even Jill, Greet 81 Million Vote Getter Joe Biden as He Returns Home for Rehoboth Beach, Delaware Vacation

Joe Biden returned to the sound of silence to his home state of Delaware Friday for a long weekend at his Rehoboth Beach vacation home–no supporters, not even wife Dr. Jill, were there to greet him, according to videos taken of his arrival.

Joe Biden arrives at Dover Air Force base for a weekend trip at Rehoboth Beach, Delaware, screen image via pool video, September 17, 2021

Video of Biden arriving at Dover Air Force Base. No Jill seen and no cheers from supporters heard.

Photos and video of Biden’s helicopter arrival at Rehoboth Beach, no sign of Jill or supporters.

Video of Biden’s arrival to the North Shores community where his vacation house is located. No supporters or even lookie-loos are seen and only one lone half-hearted whoop is heard indicating at least one other person there beside the woman filming–not when Biden passed but when the last car went by.

Biden has nothing on his schedule all weekend.

In contrast, President Trump was greeted by a large crowd of supporters in Palm Beach, Florida a month after leaving the White House this year:

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