Merkel’s Goon Squad: Antifa Attacks AfD rally in Hamburg, One Hospitalized

Norbert Jordan was hospitalized with a concussion

The national election is coming up in Germany Sept. 26, and the far left is freaking out over the prospect the patriotic Alternative for Germany (AfD) party may maintain its seats in the Bundestag, despite two years of secret police surveillance, non-stop Fake News slander and complete deplatforming on Mainstream Media.

It is impossible for AfD candidates to even find a venue to stage their events in leftist cities in Germany, so this Saturday, Hamburg’s AfD held their event on the private property of local candidate Nicole Jordan. For the second time in as many months, the event was attacked by a masked mob of Antifa fascists, who beat arriving guests and sent Jordan’s husband to the hospital with a concussion.

“This time, I couldn’t even reach the property with my car,” said AfD candidate Olga Petersen, “So I parked further away and called Nicole Jordan to send the police to escort us in. A single officer came to pick us up, and then a group of 15-20 people stormed toward us and started shoving us, but the officer was able to prevent anything more happening. Then another group of Antifa came toward us, shouting something like ‘There’s Olga Petersen, who wants to spread her Nazi propaganda in Berlin!’

Nicole Jordan and Olga Petersen were attacked by Antifa on Saturday in Hamburg

Petersen emigrated from Russia and is a vocal supporter of the State of Israel.

“Guests came out to help us, including Nicole’s husband Norbert, who was beaten and had to be taken to the hospital with a head gash and a concussion. Fortunately, we managed to have our best event so far all the same.”

As after the near-deadly attack on MP Frank Magnitz 2019, the attack on an election booth in March, or on a group visiting a holocaust film at the Berlin Film Fest in 2019, there will probably be no one arrested, because the Antifa hoodlums are encouraged and funded by the mainstream parties.

The violence against the AfD will just keep getting worse until Sept. 26.


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