It’s an INVASION – Mexican Authorities Bus Thousands of Migrants to ‘Bidenville’ Bridge Camp on Mexican Side of Texas Border – (Video)

Seemingly out of nowhere, thousands of illegals – mostly Haitians – began crossing the Rio Grande into Del Rio, Texas this week.

Over 14,000 have amassed in a makeshift ‘Bidenville’ camp under the nearby International Bridge, and thousands more are showing up on the Mexico side of the border awaiting their chance to cross.

BIDENVILLE SLUM: Illegal Aliens Now Bathing in River, Washing Clothes as Numbers Swell to 14,000 from 4,000 on Wednesday (VIDEO)

Well, now we know how so many have showed up in such a short amount of time – and why they keep coming en masse.

Unbelievably, Mexican authorities have been escorting buses full of Caribbean and Central American migrants to the Texas border near the river crossing in Del Rio. 

In other words, instead of enforcing Title 42 and sending illegals back across the border, Biden is allowing Mexico to send its illegal migrants to the US. 

What an embarrassment.

According to Breitbart, city officials in Piedras Negras have been working with agents from Mexico’s National Immigration Institute (INM) to bus the Caribbean and Central American migrants north to Ciudad Acuna, where the migrants can cross the Rio Grande into the US.

In pictures and video that have been posted online, Mexican soldiers can be seen filling busses with migrants at a military checkpoint about an hour south of the US-Mexico border.

There is seemingly no end in sight. Migrants have flooded the streets in Ciudad Acuna, gathering supplies and waiting for their chance to cross the river with the others.

In one video, dozens of already emptied busses can be seen lining the streets. Countless more are being loaded up and coming.

It’s a state sponsored invasion – Biden is letting it happen.

“Buses arriving arriving all day every day in Ciudad Acuña disgorging immigrants headed strait away to Biden Migrant Camp Del Rio.” said Todd Bensman of the Center for Immigration Studies.


Fox News’ Bill Melugin was live this morning as hundreds crossed at the river behind him, he explained how the large crowd that was waiting to cross had been “taxied” directly into the residential neighborhood so they could easily access the river.

As Biden continues to do nothing about the situation on the border, countless more Caribbean and Central American Migrants attempt to board busses that are headed north to Texas.

A citizen journalist posted several photographs and videos of an overwhelmed bus station in Poza Rica – in the Mexican state of Veracruz – that showed thousands of Caribbean migrants packed inside trying to buy a bus ticket.


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