GEORGIA NIGHTMARE: Judge in 2020 Election Case Hands Investigation Over to Attorneys for Corrupt SoS Raffensperger – Gives Them 20 Days

The 2020 Election case in Georgia took a bizarre twist today in the Peach State.  The judge handed the investigation over to the attorneys for the individual who is responsible for creating the mess in the first place, Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger. 

As we reported this morning, there was an important court case in Georgia related to the 2020 Election there.   The elections group VoterGA was in Henry County Court requesting access to the 2020 Fulton County election absentee ballots.

The results of the hearing were very disappointing.  It’s as if someone got to the judge.

LIVE NOW: Fulton County Georgia Ballot Inspection Hearing – Monday at 9 AM – Video Link Below — UPDATE: JUDGE AMERO GIVES COUNTY 20 DAYS TO PROVIDE MORE INFORMATION

This is currently the biggest case in Georgia on the controversial election, the other big case was thrown out by another corrupt Obama judge shortly after the election.

Today Judge Amero took a break during the hearing , where the State did all they could to prevent the judge from allowing VoterGA from having access to the ballots in Fulton county to review for validation.  The judge then brought in attorneys for corrupt Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger to talk on video.  Judge Amero then eventually allowed the Raffensperger team the ability to stall the case for another 20 days.

CD Media was live-blogging the hearing that started at 10:15 am eastern time.

1027 – VoterGA requests ballots be protected in interim – Judge gives 20 days to develop plan to protect ballots in conjunction with Sheriff, VoterGA will need to pay for additional security

1025 – Judge delays case for 20 days to get report from GBI, GA SoS Raffensperger’s office on investigation into counterfeit ballots

1020 – County ecstatic, overjoyed, case delayed – Judge wants to give Raffensperger the ability to decide case against Raffensperger

1020 – Judge wants to stay case

1019 – Judge wants to invite State Board of Elections to submit amicus brief, and GBI, 10 or 20 days says Judge

1018 – Judge seems to want to turn over issue to SoS Raffensperger’s staff

1017 – SoS says investigation still ongoing

Raffensperger allegedly opened an investigation in June in response to this case amid reports that chain of custody documentation is not present in the county for tens of thousands of ballots.

Chain of custody documents are legally required in order for a ballot to be legitimate.

So the corrupt Secretary of State who is responsible for this mess was given 20 days to review this mess and come up with more delays or excuses. 

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