FOIA Request Reveals Clueless Biden Regime Lost Track of 1 in 3 Unaccompanied Migrant Children Released Into US; Negligence Raises Child Trafficking Concerns

Thousands of unaccompanied children who illegally crossed the border are now unaccounted for after being carelessly released by the Biden regime to poorly vetted sponsors.

According to a Freedom of Information Act request submitted by Axios, the federal government has inexplicably lost contact with around 5,000 out of almost 15,000 children who were released into the interior of the US between January and May.

Efforts to reach them by phone have gone unanswered.

Additionally, the administration has not even attempted to make contact with more than half of the total number of kids that have been released to sponsors through those first five months. HHS had released 32,000 children and teens, but only attempted fewer than 15,000 check-up calls.

The agency declined to comment on whether they are making all of the required check-up calls.

The revelations are just the latest example of the Biden Regime’s negligence, especially when it comes to the most vulnerable. They have essentially dropped some of these kids directly into the rampant child trafficking industry surrounding the border.

Concerns for the children’s safety are growing, the federal government has already opened an investigation into if dozens of migrant children were released to labor traffickers, according to Bloomberg Law.

The whole situation is a mess.

Officials have made efforts to contact them, but have been unable to reach either the children or their sponsors. An HHS spokesperson said this is because many of the unvetted sponsors don’t want to be found.

Hmm.. wonder why that could be.

“While we make every effort to voluntarily check on children after we unite them with parents or sponsors and offer certain post-unification services, we no longer have legal oversight once they leave our custody,” an HHS spokesperson told Axios, adding that many sponsors do not return phone calls or don’t want to be reached out to.

There were over 65,000 unaccompanied children that crossed the border in the first 5 months of the year, and the problem has only gotten worse. Many more than 32,000 have been released since these numbers were put together.

In July alone, an all-time record 18,000 minors came illegally without an adult – Who knows how many will be turned over to unrelated sponsors instead of their parents or family members.

Already having lost thousands of children has not deterred Biden’s open-border regime, they have plowed ahead with releasing thousands of kids and even eased the vetting process for potential sponsors, because facilities were overcrowded. Among other things, sponsors no longer have to get fingerprinted to claim a child from border patrol custody.

Basically, almost anyone who doesn’t flag as a violent felon and claims to be an uncle can go down and claim a kid.

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According to most recent data, the number of children that could not be accounted for after being released has increased month by month, with only 26% of calls going unanswered in January, to over 37% in May.

In other words, the 1/3 number that is being reported now is likely severely backlogged, and should rise substantially as the reporting catches up.

HHS isn’t even keeping up with the majority of children who they release, so the true number of them who have been put in danger might never be known.


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