EXCLUSIVE: Jovan Pulitzer Shares His Thoughts on the Arizona 2020 Election Audit Report Out Tomorrow Along with Breaking Information

This morning on 93.3 Real Talk in St. Louis, Jovan Pulitzer shared his thoughts about tomorrow’s 2020 Election audit report coming out of Arizona, including some information, never shared before. 

Jovan Pulitzer was on with Real Talk 93.3 this morning with Joe Hoft and Kell Brazil to discuss tomorrow’s audit report scheduled to be released in Arizona.  The report will be a culmination of lots of work by a number of individuals.

Pulitzer complimented the audit team and the Senate led by Senator Karen Fann.  He shared that he was on pins and needles like everyone else.  All the findings are monumental according to Pulitzer because an effort like this has never occurred before.

Pulitzer complimented Doug Logan as well.  Logan led the Cyber Ninjas team and received much abuse from Democrats who didn’t want to audit to take place and did all they could to prevent it.  Hurting Logan and anyone involved in the effort was part of their strategy.

Ultimately, no one knows now what will be in or out of the report. 

The agenda for tomorrow’s meeting is above.  Pulitzer didn’t know who Randy Pullen was when he first saw his name.  He is a former GOP Head in Arizona.   Ken Bennett hadn’t been heard from for a while so it was news to see him on the agenda.

Pulitzer then shared some brand new news related to the Arizona audit (listen to the audio below).

Then again there’s that damn thing we call politics that has to be involved…

I can tell you something first hand.  When you look at Jack Sellers’ precinct, and you look at the adjudication rate… You find a few recurring trends and one of those recurring trends were his precincts were much harder on allowing a provisional to be voted.  In other words they had a higher rejection rate than most overall and more importantly he sits in the one precinct that if you look at it how the precincts were rated.  We went in and created a rating system that had never been done before, so when you either get a R or a D for how you went Presidentially, he sits in the one district that has the most that were all R’s until 2020 and then magically became a D.  And so I think he’s probably going to have some interesting questions to answer about, why is this very unique to your district that the places that were traditionally all R’s went D?  And then you only won by a few hundred votes?

Listen to more here.

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