Biden Campaign Staffers Target, Attempt to Bankrupt Another Trump Supporter After They Escorted Biden Bus from Texas Surrounded by MAGA Flags

When the Biden campaign bus drove through Texas last October, it was greeted by cars bearing big pro-Trump flags and banners at every turn.

Nobody was violent.

Instead of just laughing off the PR disaster, Democrats, who insist every illegal and fraudulent vote must be counted, began screaming about voter suppression.

They even called 911 on the Trump caravan, suddenly taking a shine to the police they campaigned to defund.

In a federal lawsuit, the party of looting, rioting, burning and “Get in their faces,” is now attempting to bankrupt Trump Train patriots for the embarrassment.

Former Texas Senator Wendy Davis.

The overwhelming display of Trump support was a conspiracy to “intimidate voters in trucks in the light of the day in the same way that the law outlawed intimidation while hooded on horseback in the dark of night in 1871,” former Texas Senator Wendy Davis, White House staffer David Gins, LGBTQ activist Eric Cervini, Biden staffer David Gins and the Biden bus driver Timothy Holloway claim in a complaint filed in the United States District Court for the Western District of Texas.

The Trump Train bombarded the bus with Trump flags with the “express purpose of terrorizing and intimidating a group based on that group’s political viewpoints, including their support for a different presidential campaign,” the 62-page complaint alleges.

Joeylynn Mesaros, her husband Robert and their ten-year-old son drove with the New Braunfels Trump Train alongside the Biden bus on interstate 35 for approximately 15 minutes on October 30 before they pulled off the freeway and went home.

Months later, Mesaros found out from a friend who was watching CNN that she and Robert were being sued.

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“I actually didn’t know about it until a friend who saw on mainstream – I don’t watch it – and called and said, ‘Do you know you are listed in a lawsuit?’ Mesaros told the Gateway Pundit in an exclusive interview. “These claims are baseless, and they are a mischaracterization of us. They don’t have the evidence to prove the lies they’re espousing.”

Davis, Gins, Cervini and Holloway claim they are traumatized after the incident, “suffering ongoing psychological and emotional injury” and are asking for compensatory and punitive damages and for legal fees to be covered.

Biden campaign volunteer and LGBTQ activist Eric Cervini.

The bus driver Holloway claims is so distraught from the boisterous display of Trump and American flags that he has “found himself unable to drive a bus following his experience that day.”

Mesaros filed a motion for the case to be dismissed and is asking for the judge to reimburse the thousands of dollars in attorney fees they’ve spent while mounting a legal defense against the plaintiffs who are represented by 15 attorneys. The lawsuit is also being funded by three non-profit organizations, including the Texas Civil Rights Project which has devoted its website to smearing the Trump Train.

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If the judge refuses to dismiss the “baseless” lawsuit, the couple fears they may have no choice but to resign to filing bankruptcy.

David Gins, former Biden campaign staffer who currently works in the Office of the Vice President.

“I’m a homeschool mom and my husband is a plumber. We work hard to instill good values, hardworking values in our son and to teach him to speak up for what you believe in. Then, he’s watching this unfold where we are really paying the ultimate cost for sharing our thoughts and speaking up. We’re facing $200,000 in legal fees. This is in federal court as a civil rights matter,” Mesaros said. “We are heavily relying on fundraising. We are probably out of pocket right now about $20,000.”

The NAACP and Democratic Rep. Bennie Thompson of Mississippi and are also using the 150-year old law in a lawsuit against Trump, his attorney Rudy Giuliani, the Proud Boys and the Oath Keepers  for allegedly conspiring with “hate groups to storm the U.S. Capitol and block the Electoral College count in January.”

Cervini boasts in his Instagram bio that he is also “currently suing TX police under the Klan Act of 1871,” in addition to the Trump Train defendants.

Meanwhile, the Democratic Party was the original home of the KKK. It was Democrat and former Ku Klux Klan Grand Kleagle Robert Byrd who personally filibustered the Civil Rights Act of 1964 for more than fourteen hours. Democrat President Woodrow Wilson made the racist film Birth of a Nation, the first movie ever screened in the White House. Confederate statues torn down by violent protestors represent Democrats who supported slavery. The Republican Party, on the other hand, was literally formed by abolitionists who were vehemently opposed to slavery.

The allegations are “insane because there were all kinds of people of all kinds of colors and minorities that have conservative values in our area Trump Train. It had nothing to do with race although they always like to say that,” Mesaros argued. “It’s so typical—the left always accuses us of what they are doing.”

“They are the ones that can’t co-exist with anyone that disagrees with them,” she continued. That ushers us into what we are seeing with socialism and concerns of the dictatorship. If you don’t agree, it costs you everything and that causes you into compliance because you’re afraid.”

To raise funds to cover the cost of her and her husband’s exorbitant legal fees, Mesaros launched a website,

“In a perfect world, it would be dismissed, and our legal fees will be reimbursed,” she said. “But we certainly don’t want to stop there. We want to hold them accountable for defamation of character and for dragging us through this.

“It makes me wonder how many other simple, average Americans are going through something this heinous and don’t have the resources. We believe God has chosen us for this opportunity as a platform to shine a light on the truth. We want to make sure this doesn’t continue to happen to other Americans. If we can get these legal fees reimbursed. We would like to start a fund where we can help other people defend themselves and exercise their basic freedoms in our country.”

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