MUST SEE: President Trump on the Possibility of Another 9-11-Style Attack: “As Sure As You’re Sitting There, You’re Gonna Have It” (VIDEO)

President Trump

On Monday night, President Donald Trump appeared on One America News Network in an hour-long special with Dan Ball, host of Real America.

President Trump and Dan Ball discussed the current state of America versus Trump’s presidency when America was stronger than ever before.

Biden’s fatally botched withdrawal of troops from Afghanistan left 13 American heroes dead.  Biden also left billions of dollars worth of advanced military equipment, over 250 American citizens, and America’s dignity in the hands of the Taliban terrorists.

UPDATE – “Taliban Now Has More Black Hawk Helicopters Than 85% Of Countries In The World”: OBAMA 2.0

In addition, well over 100,000 unvetted “refugees”  were evacuated by American forces. Only 6,000 Americans were evacuated and many were left behind.

The Biden Regime is confident that the war is over and there is no terror threat to The United States.

The Biden Regime is America’s greatest threat.

President Trump and Dan Ball examined the failed Afghanistan mission and the crisis at our southern border, along with the fact that September 11th is now less than two weeks from today.

Dan Ball: We, in a two/three hour period in Yuma, Arizona, saw probably 150 people cross. We questioned a lot of them that could speak with us. We found them from 12 Different countries. A lot of men, and women, and children. Young, old, you name it. And what’s interesting is we talked to the border agents they were telling me that somewhere between 45 and 55% of them are not even on the border anymore. They’re so busy, literally babysitting going to Walmart, and buying formula and clothes, so our border, besides whether the wall would be complete or not, 50% of the agents aren’t even there. So my question to you is, we’ve now got Afghanis that are gonna be coming into this country and elsewhere. We know they’re not all being vetted, there’s no way they’re getting out and vetting them properly that quick. We’ve got a porous southern border that we know at least about 100 people on the watchlist have come through. Are you worried, Mr. President, about another 9/11 style attack?

President Trump: Well, you’re gonna have it, you’re gonna have it. As sure as you’re sitting there, you’re gonna have it. Forget about Afghan, you have many countries in the Middle East right now where they’re coming in. But with the Afghans we’re bringing them all over the world as we said, planes dropping them all over to countries all over the world. But here’s the thing. Most of those countries are smart and they’re run smart. They’re going to drop them off into this country. They’re gonna say, listen, “we’re holding them for a short period of time but we want the US to take them”, and we’ll end up taking everybody. We’re like the lapdog for every nation, when you look at, as we said NATO, the way they use us and then they kill us on trade.

President Trump continued to speak about the great relationships he kept and trade deals that he executed while in office. President Trump put America first and did not allow other countries to take advantage of our great Nation.

With Joe Biden’s incompetent leadership and feeble mental state, what do they have to lose?

This 9/11 holiday, Americans need to stay safe and vigilant because our government has failed us.

Our government failed us on November 3rd. They failed us again on January 6.

Our government continues to fail us every single day that we have this fraudulent leader in The Oval Office.

Our executive is in turmoil. Last week, North Carolina Congressman Madison Cawthorn requested that Kamala Harris invoke the 25th Amendment to remove Biden from office.

Over 20 Republicans In Congress Now Calling On Joe Biden To Resign Over Botched Afghanistan Withdrawal

We need our President back.

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